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Science Divine Meditations

Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation

It is an established scientific technique for a multi-fold increase in memory, mental ability, intelligence, and concentration for extraordinary...


Manifestation Meditation

A simple yet highly effective technique designed to achieve “what you want” by using the power of thoughts and imagination.


Immortality Meditation

A journey towards love and divinity What is the meaning of Immortality Meditation? The closest term in English is a life-giving act or act of...


Inner Healing Meditation

In this inner cleansing device, the power of visualization and the power of will are used along with alternate nostril breathing techniques to...


Latest Videos

Sakshi Shree believes in using technology to its full potential. He feels that through these videos he can help many across the globe who cannot reach out to him personally. Sakshi Shree, through his videos, shares his wisdom and knowledge and helps people to achieve a state of sound body and peaceful mind.

Our Mission

Marching towards a new humanity

The Mission of Science Divine is to spread the message of love and meditation all over the world. Meditation is the essence of all our endeavors. We believe only a meditative society can give birth to a new humanity that is free of greed, ego, violence and exploitation.

We have dived deep into ancient meditation techniques and tailored it to suit the requirements and temperament of a twenty-first century man. Our goal is to align you with divinity with simple yet highly effective scientific methods that will transform you in a very short time. For this we have devised short, simple and effective techniques like Sanjeevani Kriya (literally means resurrection or rejuvenation), Mahamedha Kriya (megamind), Antarshuddhi (Inner cleansing), Siddh Kamna Kriya and many other things.

Explore Our Mission
Retreats & Workshops

Over a million people have connected with him through his various events and workshops happening in different parts of the world and benefitted from them. These workshops not only give his disciples a chance to practice the various kriyas under his direct guidance but also give them a chance to connect with other followers of the Science Divine Movement and take this movement to the world at large.


One such regular event conducted by Sakshi Shree is ‘Sakshi Sadhna Shivir’ or Sakshi Realization Camp, which is an annual event that takes place either at the holy town of Rishikesh or Vrindavan. For the year 2021, this event will be taking place in Rishikesh. Request you to kindly check this space at a later date for the announcement of dates and other important details.


However, as this unprecedented pandemic of COVID19 has forbidden the large gatherings of humans, for the time being, we have postponed all our events till the situation improves. However, Guru Ji has vowed to continue his mission of healing people through online events.

Sakshi Shree

“Silence isn’t empty, its full of answers”

Sakshi Shree is a new-age enlightened mentor who believes in using scientifically proven techniques to help people achieve the state of Sound Body, Sound Mind and Self-Realization. Being a firm proponent of internal renunciation and external participation, Sakshi Shri does not forbid the enjoyment of material wealth while showing us the path to attain enlightenment. He has been providing revolutionary insights for joyful living and effective remedies to tackle modern-day ailments through various Science Divine programmes. His short, simple and highly effective scientific techniques have been bringing about an inner transformation in individuals all over the world.

PODCAST 1 : Why No One Understands You
by Sakshi Shree
PODCAST 2 : करोड़पति बनने का अचूक मंत्र
by Sakshi Shree
PODCAST 3 : हँसता हुआ जीवन मिल जायेगा
by Sakshi Shree
From Sakshi’s Wisdom
आखिर आपको क्यों नहीं कोई समझ पाता?
आखिर आपको क्यों नहीं कोई समझ पाता?

सबकी शिकायत है कि उसे कोई समझ ही नहीं पाता। सबकी आकांक्षा व आवश्यकता होती है कि वह दूसरे को ठीक से समझ ले और दूसरे भी उसे ठीक से

Why no one understands you? | Sakshi Shree
Why no one understands you? | Sakshi Shree

Everyone complains that no one understands them. Man’s fundamental need is to understand the other properly. He also expects that others should also understand him properly. Yet it often seems


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