Why start with why?

Why start with why?

We all start with why, no, it is not possible, I might fail, I cannot do this, I am not right for you, I am not eligible for the work, and many more negative assumptions. We always think negative before starting a new project or anything new for us. 

I believe not to use the word NO because it discourages me from learning a new thing. Whenever I said no for a new project in which I might get a chance to elaborate on some different things, then I might never get another opportunity to add a unique ability in my resume. 

Gautama Buddha – “Always start with why.”

Did you know why? He said this because he learned that we humans always judge everything before starting it. We always think negative before walking on a new path. We grow with doubt. I am not saying that we always think negative or stay in doubt every time. But, yes most of the time, we start a new work, we always count the negative consequences correlated with the work, instead of calculating the profits. It all happens because we always live life at the bottom of the intellect. The sources like believe, and hope are always stands in the second row. 

The people who start their work with an image of positive consequences in their mind will never get disappointment. Yes, they may fail, but they never give up on their dreams. They chase their dreams and success like a kid persists on his demand for a toy. 

Because we all start with doubt that is the reason why Gautama Buddha said – “To take the benefits of your intelligence, to go with your intelligence, and to reach belief, humans should always start with why.” 

Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji – If you begin something with doubt, then always start with your present. You can learn from your mistakes, you can calculate the outcome for the future, but you cannot begin a thing without giving your 1000 percent in the present. 

You have intelligence, so you should believe in yourself. Connect with Science Divine to conquer against the negative thoughts and to learn the art of living in the present with Sadhguru Sakhri Shree Ji. 


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