Why self-love is important?

Why self-love is important?

It has become commonplace to believe that loving others depend on how truly you love yourself. There is an aphorism that “You cannot pour from an empty cup” this statement holds utter importance in our psychological and spiritual life. For the words you have stored in for yourself, you will use for others also. It seems completely reasonable that one who has learned the language of hurt can never love people for the words he put in cannot make people love him.

Self-love is important as we cannot experience love until we have it in ourselves. The state of accepting oneself with grace and welcome needs compassion from you first and then from anyone else. If you cannot unconditionally accept yourself, then you can never ever accept those around you. Accepting oneself does not mean physical acceptance rather it constitutes the need to accept your flaws with a fact that they are a part of you. Imagine if you meet with an accident and lose one of your feet, would you still be sabotaging yourself? No? Because it was just an accident that took away your organ, but your whole body still is with you. The same goes with your negative flaws, they are a part of you, so don’t endow them instead of using them diligently to get the most out of yourself. If you are not in good terms about you, then you are not going to be happy with your life and your family otherwise.

What you give to others come back to us many folds. If you offer love to those around you and accept them whole-heartedly, then you are bound to receive love from them. The entire Universe conspires together to bring an abundance of love to those who love freely and fearlessly.

It is also critical to understand that money does not guarantee happiness. Nor, for the money, the most gratifying relationships can get better, even though you are dearly loved by your loved ones. For ultimately, what matters the most is that your happiness is dependent on you and only you.

We all have heard of people who have it all, but who nonetheless, gamble their life for they feel their life is empty from inside. These are those kinds of Homo sapiens who don’t trust themselves, feel empty from the core and have no misery even for their own soul. So, it is critical that one should never overlook the love our soul needs from ourselves. Our soul always craves for our acceptance and when we don’t light it up with our love, it feels shallow.

If your core sense of self-love is painful or debilitated, you will never be able to love yourself and your family. The moment you become the one with who you are, you will use your negative aspects of nature to bring the best in you.

How learning the ways to love one self enable one to love another?

When you embrace yourself completely, your relationships with those around you become more intimate or meaningful. At that time, you no longer need to compel people to love you and accept you even when the vibes of you two do not match. You would be able to open up to the weird things in the life and align with your true vibration. It is the law of nature that the more you stick to your vibrations, the more people you attract that match your vibration level. You would be up away from the negative vibes such as anxiety, fear, anger, hate, and inferiority when you truly understand that life is not about finding flaws rather creating brawn with those fiascos.

How can you learn this art of loving yourself?

The only way to turn your negative side to a positive one is to embrace the negative. It is good to accept that you have certain negative points and everyone has it, but what matters the most is how you embrace your dark-side.  To deepen your self-love and acceptance for another, one must learn the art of loving oneself.

Meditation is the foremost therapy many saints have been using since ages to learn the art of developing peace with oneself. When you sit with yourself, realize your inner self and that the people in this world are other souls like yours, you will have an empathetic vision towards them and for yourself.

To conclude, we can say that the power to love others depends on how deeply you love yourself and enlightened the inner of you. The more enlightened you are, the more you loving you are for others, but make sure that your self-love does not make you narcissist.


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