Why people don’t feel inner peace?

Why people don’t feel inner peace?

In this world of fantasies, we all are living in the urge to fulfill our endless desires. The mind is so devious that it does not let you get satisfied with what you have in your hands at the very moment. The second you think you have got what your mind asked for, it comes like a stubborn child with it’s another list of desires. The point is that we do what effortlessly what it demands without even questioning our consciousness of the rightness of the thing. In this way of fulfilling our desires, we have earned lots of money and comforts but still at last in achieving the peace of mind.

It is hard to believe the fact that happiness and peacefulness are two different notions. Happy one feels like he is at peace within himself but not true is the fact. In this material world, we have tied up a myth that who has all the leisure of life has the peace of mind. We are continuously pushing ourselves to give the body all the comforts it wants, making the fact that by having dinner out in a seven-star hotel we will feel contended or by living in a luxurious home we will have the required peace of mind or by roaming in a posh car we will feel bliss. Yes, all such things offer us pleasure but only temporary ones. They are the peace of body more than the peace of mind itself.

Peace of mind comes from within and not from the worldly chores. Our peace of mind is like a sun and our wants like a cloud dark in the sky. What happens when the dark clouds cover the whole sky or the sun? Consequently, everything gets dull, and so does with your peace of mind. The peace of mind fails to give you the bliss when you are subjected to material happiness. Until you learn about your real self, you will never realize how this materialistic world has tensed you. You have forgotten the fact that your inner self is joy itself full of peace.

A normal person cannot differentiate between pleasure and real happiness or bliss, and that is why he seeks pleasure in the form of cravings, sights, tastes, sounds, and physical touch. Those individuals believe that wealth is the greater peace and so it is important to work hard to earn millions.  Yes, it is not bad to earn for your livings, but if you are only involved in this process of wealth, then your path is wrong. You want status and admiration, which is not bad. However, overlooking all the other factors like putting your health on a stake can go wrong.

Humans have unlimited desires in their mind and the heart. The moment you fulfill one desire, the other desire pops up in the mind and the process keeps going on and on. This never-ending cycle continues until we leave this costume or birth cycle. In this race of earning, we often forget to focus on the present and our past. Most individuals do not have enough time to look for the present and the past as they are too busy living for their future as if they are going to live forever. They forget to relinquish this very moment and ignores the people who care the most about them.

To make your present the worth, it is critical to realize that all the pleasures lead to suffering as it is illustrative happiness. Real happiness comes from your inner sight, which helps to understand oneself more deeply. Once you have known who you are, there is no way going back to old you. Attachment with desires is another suffering people push themselves to. It is a belief that by binding attachments with desires, they are manifesting their dreams which is not false. It is another materialistic goal people get attracted to.

Our mind is like a well which never gets filled no matter how much achievements and happiness you ample it with. Until you have inner peace or peace of mind, you can never be happy or contended or feel worthy of who you are. It is the mind only that needs to be trained to see the good in every situation and remain silent and calm. Once you have learned that the art of living, you will be happy with even a single penny in your hand. For that, it does not mean that you have to like a monk on the mountains, yet you should work for your dreams, but don’t let that urge of achieving overpower your peace of mind.


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