Why do you run from worldly pleasures?

Why do you run from worldly pleasures?

These days’ most of us are done with our lifestyle; we are ready to pursue a life where there is no stress, work, anxiety, competition, etc. Along with this, we want to live a peaceful life away from worldly pleasures. This is the reason why a lot of millennial today choose to travel the world and earn, instead of doing a 9 to 5 job. According to the travelers, they are living a life without a drop of worldly pleasures or anxiety. But, what is a pleasure? Does it relate to money? Or it is about physical satisfaction? What is it?

Pleasure is mostly considered as one of the colors of emotions. But, pleasure is also about one of the core dimensions of emotion. Pleasure is associated with moments and not an emotion, as it forms one module of numerous different emotions. Pleasure is closely connected to continued existence that we can get from food, physical contact, and social belonging.

The medical condition to where you are not able to experience pleasure from enjoyable activities is known as anhedonia. On the other side, an activity of experiencing pleasure is known as hedonophobia.

Now, decide who are you anhedonia or hedonophobia?

There is misinterpretation that by running away from the worldly pleasures is the only way through which a human can meet God. But, by skipping the life that the universe has planned for you or your destiny you cannot meet GOD.

Who is the universe or God?

A power that creates you, sun, moon, planets, air, emotions, feelings, science, and even a mild thing in the world or out the world are designed by him. So, the things from which you are running from are also creations of that creator.

Yes, if you do not respect the things that you have been working for, then one day, you will walk around with empty hands. There is no way to find your real pleasure or happiness by running away from worldly pleasures. If you feel by traveling, you get satisfaction, so that is also a form of pleasure that you get from the world.

Umpteen people believe that worldly pleasure is a symbol of the things that are artificially manufactured by humans or the actions that are inappropriate in spirituality. Who is human? There is one power behind everything that is not far from us; it stays somewhere inside you.

You are the creator of yourself. Yes, your actions or thoughts decide your destiny and your future.  What goes around comes around. For instance, you might observe that from the things or people you always runway, but every time you will find them near you. This is called the cycle of destiny. You cannot change your future, and you cannot decide what comes after. But, you can prepare yourself to face everything with an open mind, and open hands.

You can be happy or satisfied by not skipping these acts of worldly pleasures, but by living with them. All the things in the world are made up for you, and they all are correlated with you. And you cannot press ctrl+d buttons to erase them from your life just like you do with the documents in your computer.

Underneath are the tips that you can implement in your life to start enjoying the things that you called worldly pleasures.

a.   Understand the usage of words like No and Yes –

Some people are made up of only one word called NO. They always say, it is not possible, I cannot do this, I don’t think so this will work, no, no, no. That is the reason why they always feel ignorant, unhappy, conscious, jealous, and unsuccessful.

Yes is the word that always encourages or supports you to do the new things that might be difficult, but will stand best for you. Try to practice and learn a new thing daily, so you will never get bored, and then this will turn into your sort of worldly pleasures.

b.   Anger is a good emotion –

Do not suppress your anger, which can turn to be a snag between you or your happiness. If you are a person who has anger issues, so try to talk as much as you can as by talking you can empty your mind or heart. It is also very vital for your loved ones to understand you better. Apart from that, you can maintain a diary for yourself in which you can note down your feelings or your anger. Meditation is also a good therapy through which you can reduce your anger and ego from your mind. Anger is the big cause between you and your satisfaction.

c.   Your body is your pleasure –

Keep your body clean and healthy. This is the most vital things that everyone should do on a daily basis. By detoxifying your mind, you are destroying the negativity from inside or outside.

Create a positive or clean Aura, so you can attract the best things around for you. What you want is already yours; all you need is to manifest it with your mind power.

Every single thing in this world is worldly that you cannot ignore or delete. Only focus on the things that come to you because that is designed by your destiny, which you cannot run from.


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