Why do you feel love missing out from your relationships?

Why do you feel love missing out from your relationships?

We, humans, are the epitome of love. It is our nature to love and to be loved with those around us and our existence is entirely based on the word called fondness. We share so intimate and love-full connections with our mother, father, brother, sisters, friends, and neighbors. Even a husband-wife relationship is primarily based on the power of unconditional love. But at times in our life, we feel being so much stuck with love itself that we start to hate them. The relationships we had with them from the years turns out to be empty and make you feel like you both exchange the energy of hate.

If hate is the one side of the story and so is the love. They are the two sides of a single coin, but hardly anyone recognizes the fact that we can only hate the one we shared a closed bond once. We cannot tend to be angry on anyone chugging the road. Guruji explains that to understand hate, one must be full of love, which means to hate one need to brimful of love. The spirituality reveals that one who claims that he doesn’t have love inside does not know himself completely. You cannot sustain a day without showing or showering love to the people around you. Loving someone does not mean that you need to show up with flowers and surprises, rather your kind words to someone is also a gesture of love.

Then why we don’t feel connected to certain people we were in love with at some time?

Many times in our lives we notice that we get separated with some people for a few negative reasons and so over a time we fill our mind and heart with hatred about them. It is just the myth that we don’t like them here and now, as deep down we still share the same bond with them. It is just the absence of love that makes us think that we abhor them. The absenteeism of love can never be the hate; it could be the distance and the circumstances that separated two of you.

We never hate a person rather we don’t accept the opposite nature of that person. For instance, a couple never fights because they think there is no fondness between them, but for the reasons that they are not ready to accept the other one with their flaws. We have created a wrong perception about love in our lives and think that love is about binding each other together. The truth is that true or unconditional love is about setting each other free while being going together on the same road. It is more about giving than wanting the need to have more from your loved ones. The moment you will tune to the true power of the love, your relationships with your loved ones around will reach the point where you will only have nothing but the bliss between two of you. This is why when we think of the unconditional love, the one name that comes to our mind is of the deity “Radha Krishna”. They taught us the real definition of love, the definition of surrendering oneself for the sake of love. Well, it does not mean you should forget your individual identity. But what it means is that you should accept them completely without any limitations.

If ever in life you start hating your husband or wife, the best way to bring back the light of love again in your relationship is to cherish the moments you once had with them. The spirituality has a very good exercise to bring forth that sparkle that formerly used to connect you both. It is to write down a few of the good traits that made you fall in love with your spouse or the other person. There must have been some vibes that entangled you and made you one or fall in love with each other. Now is the time to relinquish those very intimate moments, write them down, and make it your ritual to read those words of yours for the next 21 days. According to psychology, affirming something for a couple of days enters your subconscious mind and affects your relationship with that particular thing; be it a person or a relationship or any habit of yours.

Spirituality is a science that teaches us to love those around, no matter the type of relationship we share with them. If you believe in the art of seeing everyone with the eyes of love, you will have no hard time offering unconditional love to others. By adopting such habits you will notice a remarkable difference in the way you were living before and now. By affirming the best about those around you, you fill your soul with warmth and love and so your attitude towards everyone gets filled you with eternal love for one and all and so it is.


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