Who is your priority, family, or you?

Who is your priority, family, or you?

Self-love is vital to take care of your loved ones.

Mothers are the best example to clarify, who should be your priority. A mother works for her family until her last breath. On her death bed, her only concern is related to her children, and the entire family. But, somewhere, a mother forgets herself in between her duties for her family.

My main Agenda, or you can say the point is to know what is essential for a human being.

You might hear a line from numerous of people around you that their family is their priority.

But, what about you, how you can take care of your family when you’re not healthy?

With a heavy heart and mind filled with stress, anxiety, and tension, how you can keep your family happy from the heart?

There is a concept that a person who has only grief in mind, how he can spread a genuine smile to others?

You have lots of responsibilities for your family for that you work very hard and do everything to keep your family happy and healthy. A sad person might decorate a smile on his face, but he cannot hide the emotions that are flaunting in his eyes. Always remember that your parents and siblings are aware of everything that you are experiencing. If you are trying to hide anything from your loved ones by carrying an artificial smile on your face, then you are giving them tension instead of happiness.

If you are not healthy and beautiful from inside, then your family is the only best option with whom you can share what is happing with you. Your priority is your family, but do not neglect yourself. You are nothing without your body, which is your responsibility to pamper and care.

If you give at least 30 to 45 minutes to yourself every day to eliminate the inconsequential thoughts from your mind, then it helps to work more enthusiastically for you and your family.

Meditation is a technique that you can use to reboot your mind, cleanse your heart, and calm your body, just like you restart your mobile phone. Why you reboot your phone and update your computer?

Reboot your phone means to eradicate unwanted files, apps, and data from the phone, so it works fast and smoothly. Same you do with your computer by updating its window so that it would work better — the same things your body demands from you. By meditating, you remove unnecessary thoughts from your mind and detox your body to achieve more critical things in your life, whether it is for family or yourself.

Keep yourself and your family in the same column because both of them are very vital in the journey of life. You cannot convert your dreams into reality without a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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