Who am I?

Who am I?

You are with yourself is the real versions of yourself.

Yes, this line might confuse you for a second, but once you know the gist behind it, then you will know who you are. You might notice that your nature or attitude is based upon the people with who you are talking. For instance, you are a different version of yourself when you are with your siblings and parents. On the other hand, you are not the same person as yourself when you are with your friends, coworkers, and anyone who not belongs to your family.

The original version of yourself is to come out when you spend time with yourself alone. Your body, mind, and soul know about you, they know everything that you might not share with anyone neither with your mother or nor with your best friend. You might have that one person in your life with whom you think you share every smallest thought of yours. But, you’re mistaken because you know that somewhere you are not sharing everything with your closed ones.

You are a different version of yourself with different people. That is the reason why you are struggling to know the real version of yourself. These day’s trust issues are at their peak level that people cannot stick to one person they need variety in their relationships, which is why psychological problems and crime rates are increasing day-by-day. People switch their attitude like one job to the next. The connection between two people cut off like you switch off a button. People have no patience, which is why lots of people are battling a war to know who I am.

In the Science Divine, no one teaches you to change yourself, but with the help of Sadhguru Sakhi Shree Ji, you will get to know who you are. On the YouTube Channel of Science Divine, you can hear the words of Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, which will help you in various paths of your life.

Yes, you are right that you do not need a Guru Ji to know yourself, to live your life happily, or for anything else. Sometime in your life, you feel feeble and don’t know what your motive is, why have you born, what is your aim, or who you are? At that time, you need guidance from someone who does not have any emotional attachment with you. Yes, the people who are emotionally attached to you, you do not feel comfortable to share some hard thoughts of your with them because you do not want to hurt them.  A Guru in your life will take you to the path of the real world away from fantasize.

Gift yourself a Guru with whom you can find a new version of your nature, or you can say that the real version of yourself.


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