What is your essence of Sin and Virtue?

What is your essence of Sin and Virtue?

The untruth:

I will not get a place in heaven because I lied for the sake of money. I cannot get even a little space in paradise because I did not take care of my parents. I am the sinner because I only practiced bad things in my entire life. I do not worship due and so the god will not accept my soul.

The truth:

There is no sin and virtue; it’s all in your mind. An unconscious person with a mix of thoughts in mind is always in rush to take steps, to make decisions, and always stay empty hands. A person with a conscious mind and clear thoughts will study his steps, negative impacts of his decisions, and calculate the results.

‘Everything in your mind is a solution to the problems that you are facing or probably face in the future; you only need to open it up via meditation.’ Sadhguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji, said.

There is not statement like right and wrong because one always handles his life or takes decisions according to the way one knows. You are doing what you believe is great for you at that very moment. For instance, when a child decides to cheat during the examination, he only knows that it is the only option or action that is best for him at that moment. The question is not about right and wrong, sin and virtue; it is just about whether certain actions are necessary or unnecessary for your life.

“Do not wish for fruit – कर्म करे जा फल की इच्छा न कर “, this is all you have to do. When you work with your consciousness, you will never get disappointments.

Guilt and Suspicion or Sin and Virtue

Since childhood, you struggle to know the difference between sin and virtue; people have continuously taught you their concepts of what is sin and virtue, superior and terrible. What is sin, to think about yourself, to be selfish, to love someone, etcetera? If you examine all the things in the world, so the entire humanity is always into something wrong. Everyone somewhere is doing or indulging themselves in the activities that they suppose is right for them.

When you do anything that according to you is not right or hurt someone, it is a sin; it makes you guilty. Someone who is judging you at that moment in your unconsciousness of mind is a sinner as he is not abstaining you.

‘There Is A Thin Line Between Sin And Virtue and that Is Your State Of Mind.’ It’s a trick that I learnt in the science divine, Satguru Sakhi Ram Kripal Ji.

Nothing is bad or good; it is all inside your mind. It is not vital that your good is also beneficial for everyone. Let’s understand it with the help of an example-

A 24-year-old girl, who is blithe, and does not think much before taking an action, has positive thoughts for her loved ones. She is ready to do everything to make her family happy. But, her actions always give negative results. Her family believes that she is a mess, selfish, arrogant, stupid, and a sinner. But, no one ever understands what is going through with her, why she is like that, why she loves to stay alone, she makes everyone happy, but why she doesn’t want anyone nearby her. We without thinking about another person perceptive judge them and start making the decision best for him as per us. Whatever a person is doing in his life is already written in his destiny, he is just turning those things into actions that are made for him. Better don’t interrupt in their Karma’s instead, help them adjust to his journey of life.

You cannot change someone’s’ nature by pushing him to do the things that are good or relevant according to your perspective. Everyone has his or her thoughts, actions, demands, nature, likings, and bad or good, and there is no way you can pressurize them to believing in the things that you feel is good.

There is nothing like sin and virtue in the world; it is all about the reactions of the actions. If you are donating money to helping a child in his study you are not only making his future, but you have secured the future of his entire family. That is a virtue; an action through which you are not only helping a one person but decide to give him a trouble-free future.

Do not only donate food to a roadside picker but provide him with an opportunity through which a beggar can educate his child.

The actions you take in anger, stress, unconsciousness, revenge, fear, and in a bad state of mind will always put you in trouble. At that moment, your mind decides without calculating its outcome and noxious effects.

Always believe in yourself take time to decide what is good or bad for you and your loved ones.


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