What is the essence of Self-Observation?

What is the essence of Self-Observation?

“Observation”, we all dream of developing insight into the things we cannot see with our eyes. The world called observation is not about visualizing what we have in our surroundings, but the things we cannot see with our two eyes. Observing oneself is a deep activity that can allow you to witness the perspicacity of “I” within you. The more you chug the “I”, the more you are in the state of being blissfulness. 

The state of observing comes when you take your mind all the way from the worldly pleasures, tensions, efforts, and obstruction to a state when you keep an eye on yourself only. In spirituality, the Science Divine has taught us a technique called meditation which enables one to develop an eye (third eye) which is beyond the visualization. When you sit idle for a couple of minutes and draw your attention to the inside body, you will notice a subtle flow of energy at the outside on the edge of the skin telling us that we are energies only and not this body.

When in a deep sense of observation, one should have a focus on the millions or zillions of thoughts or feelings that come and go. Many people who first practice meditation may not achieve this state of feeling the energy at the very first time but as you bring this activity in your daily habit, you will notice mindfulness.

The essence of meditation is not to feel what is going at the inside but to realize that you are heading away from the state of blissfulness, also called as “Sakshatkara”. Self Sakshatkara is oneness with your true self of being. This phase of meditation lets you be alone with your own thoughts and discover your true state. Meditation creates a deep sense of what is going inside you and the strength to determine whether it is true or false or right or wrong. This is the real state of caring for oneself. We often believe that taking care of oneself means physical care and so we do work on maintaining our physical outlook. Besides, even if try to find some Gurus who can guide us, we delay our journey by contacting the wrong ones. Though having one Guru like Sadhguru Sakshi Ram Kripal ji, who can help us in our journey is equally important, as they are the ones who have already walked the path of Self-Sakshatkara. 

The Guruji tells us that by meditation you will realize that it is not you, who is making things happen. You are a player here who has come on this planet just to play a temporary role in the journey of life. The moment this becomes your learning, you will not have conflicts with those around you. Your entire life will become peacefulness after you get to know that you are only this Atma and this is a journey only which will eventually come to an end. For the meeting to oneself, one needs to be able to feel “Sakshi Bhav”. Sakshi Bhav does not mean that the other thoughts won’t come up, but you will now have a different attitude towards them and they don’t affect you. You witness them even at that time, but will translate them into something positive. Working on the fact that we are not the body or this mind but the atma, a part of the Pratma, we can use the viveka or chetna to reject what we don’t need.


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