What is the difference between believing and knowing the SOUL or GOD?

What is the difference between believing and knowing the SOUL or GOD?

Are you a believer or an acknowledger? There is a big difference between being a believer or an acknowledger. When a baby is born, we all start planning the things we want to teach him without allowing him to explore the world on his own. How you feel when someone, either your parents or friends, pressurizes you for the things they want you to do. I feel that our life is like a bus, continuing, and during the journey we get chugging with a lot of things like people, feelings, stress, stands, opportunities, failures, etc.

You should not allow anyone to drive your bus, it belongs to you, and GOD handover it to you.

When a new life born in this world, he knows nothing related to God, Life, Feelings, Emotions, SOUL, etc. We individuals teach the child everything, explain him the colors of emotions, the reason behind rising and set of sun, the power behind this universe, and many more. But, all these things we teach him make him a firm believer; he does not experience or acknowledge anything on his own.

For instance, there are two persons, one who have lots of people to wipe his tears to comfort him, and the second one have nothing, not even a single person to console and talk to him. There will be the difference between his natures; one with lots of people will never understand how to survive alone, how to be a strong person, how to handle failure because there were umpteen people who almost cover him from the negative circumstances or world. The second person without the help of anyone knows how to survive in this cruel world, how to transform his tears into a laugh, how to create his name among thousands of people, how to live alone because he wipes his tears own its own, he acknowledges everything itself.

The first person with a bunch of people is a believer because he never does anything without the help of other people. And, the second person is an acknowledged because he does everything own his own.

Do you ever see or meet to GOD or SOUL? Then who told you that there is a GOD who made everything and that you are a harbinger, who only follows or practice the things that your planner recommended. How do you get to know about the different color of emotions? Everything you know is passed to you from your family. Yes, I agree our family does not let us do anything because they want to protect us, but between their protection and love, we lost the importance of experience and knowledge. Let’ differentiate between believing and knowing, so you can decide what you should be or what is much better for you.

The difference between believing and knowing are –

Knowing and believing are very different words that are frequently used in the world. ‘Knowing’ means that you got to know about something because of your experience. On the other side, ‘believing’ means that through your family, friends, and other sources, you got to know about something that you accepted or you are confident and have to trust it without exercising it. For instance, you believe that the rise of the moon is cold or smooth, but how, do you ever feel it or experience it because you read about it, you have gathered someone else knowledge and believed it.

There is a difference between what you believe and what you know. When we say someone that ‘I believe’ you don’t know about the thing, because if that thing is not yet occurred in your personal life that means you didn’t have any experience what that person is generally going through.

We believe that after demise, we will go to heaven if we smoke or consume alcohol. Beliefs are supported or dependent upon words or a particular coach of contemplation. You start applying these beliefs into your life because they are engaging. You should be acknowledger who gathers knowledge himself by his own experience, instead of simply believing and accepting other words. You should dig deeper into the sense, and know about the things.

Knowing about something will help you to reduces your fears, and gives you the strength to fight against negativity. In this world, we are all alone with a group of people, who can give you their time, money, sources, and love, instead of their knowledge, experience, humor, feelings, emotions, and soul. As a human, be feel pleased in ‘knowing’ things, and then you are certain. ‘Believing’ is very different, where sometimes; you cannot decide what you want to believe. Know your SOUL or GOD, do not walk blindfolded.

Better be wary in what you believe.

Conclusion –

1. Being a believer you only read a book with truths, but being knower, you can write the book with certain about that truth.

2. As a believer, you will always stay in a room with the walls of doubt, but as a knower, you lead to confidence.

3. Staying as a believer means you trust blindly, but staying as a knower means you are trusting with awareness.


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