Ways to use your mind to reduce pain!

Ways to use your mind to reduce pain!

Do not let the pain destroy your mental and emotional peace. There are some ways to alleviate the pain and make your life peaceful, know in this blog what they are.

For every minor pain, we choose to take drugs to get over it. But they often leave an obnoxious and severe impact on your physical health if taken for a long time. If you have back pain from a long time such as migraine, arthritis, or other forms of well-being condition, then pain may hamper your daily life, and you may need to consume a bundle of medicines to cure the discomfort.

But some old-age and ancient techniques can help reduce the dependency on allopathic medications, such as meditation and yoga.

According to Science Divine, the pain is related to your mind and body both, and if the mind power is fully utilized, you can direct the pain into relief. How you feel pain is affected by your genes, emotions, personality, and past experience. If you are in pain from the time being, the brain may produce pain signals even when the body does not send such signals.

There are different ways to use mind power to divert chronic or any pain, some of them as briefed by Sadhguru Sakshi Shree are:

  1. Deep breathing. Learning deep breathing is a way to learn how to use your potential to the fullest. Inhale deeply; hold your breath for a couple of seconds and then exhale. You can also use a chanting mantra or phrase to help out. For instance, you can use “OM” while inhaling and exhaling out several times and imagine the breathing rhythms. This will also help to influence your concentration power in a positive way.
  2. Meditate with imagination. Learning some type of meditation can help bring your mind to a calm stage. When you are in pain, the mind gets panic in response to the physical pain. To relax a fussy mind, sit with mind and physical mind (I mentioned this because we do sit with our body, while the mind wanders somewhere else). You can listen to calm music along with and imagine yourself in a restful environment.
  3. Yoga. Yoga is a long-practiced art of relaxing and strengthening the mind, body, and soul. The Pranayama techniques help stretch muscles and bring your mind into a state of peace. The other benefit of practicing yoga is that it promotes blood flow in the body which can help alleviate chronic pain naturally.
  4. Mindfulness: Mindfulness means being attentive in the present moment and give your best to it. Learn what you like doing the most, be it reading, writing, gardening, or cooking, and let your mind sink in it. Notice every nitty-gritty gesture and how your mind and body are reacting with a way of emotions and actions then adopt mindfulness for every aspect of your life.
  5. Positive thinking: With every pain comes the negative approach that – I am the only one who is suffering. Change your approach towards life and affirm that there are millions of people out there who are fighting with so many unheard diseases. Be thankful that your state of health is better than those people. Be in gratitude always.
  6. Relax. Don’t stoke up your pain. This may raise your hyperextension level and pump heart rate and eventually slow down the relaxation response. Close your eyes, let your muscles relax, and concentrate on how oxygen is coming in and going out. Return your consciousness once you feel oxygen is reaching your mind. You will notice a sudden relief from the pain when you let the oxygen enter consciously through the breathing process. Do not inhale only, but correctly and consciously.

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