Welcome To The Science Of Joyful Living

A 5-week guided-meditation course designed to help you discover the true happiness in your life. 

This course is divided into 5 parts/5 videos and each video is divided into two parts – theory and practical – where in part 1 Guru Ji will be explaining to you the 5 different mantras or fundamentals of finding true happiness within. And in the second part of the video, Guru Ji will take you through a guided meditation session on various kriyas (activities) like Saneevani Kriya, Mahamedha Kriya, Siddha Kamana Kriya, and Shaktipat Kriya.

The ideal duration for completing this course as per Guru Ji is 5 weeks where you are required to watch one of the following videos at the start of the week and practice the recommended exercises for the rest of the week and also register your progress in the Practical Guidance Booklet, which you can download from here.  You will be required to take a printout of this booklet to start using it to monitor your progress. 

However, you can take your own sweet time to finish the course.

Kindly try to adhere to the schedule and do not jump the sequence of the videos. You are requested to watch the next video only when you have completely grasped the essence of the current video that you are watching.

The Practical Guidance Booklet is highly recommended to be downloaded to monitor your progress to get the best out of this course.

Happy Learning