The power of positivity over negativity

The power of positivity over negativity

Your thoughts can influence your life to a great extent. Those who live life in fear, anxiety, pain, and stress can never reap the seeds of joy and happiness. Those people who always mutter something negative can never taste success in life.

Thoughts continuously run in our minds, no matter what we are up to, we always think. However, what goes on our mind broadly impact our life. Thoughts and feelings of fear, anger, pain, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and violence we release into the atmosphere come back in our life in umpteen ways.  In unseen ways, we affirm such words repeatedly without even realizing that such affirmations can produce currents of negative and emotional vibrations in the atmosphere, bringing more chaos and violence.

One of the common instances of the power of the thoughts I have heard is the fear that revolves around our lives. We mostly (being unaware) aphorize about our fear of certain things, for example, there are a few people who don’t drive just because they fear, they might meet with an accident. It is the fear only that abstain from driving; in fact, many tried driving, and they had an accident. What they thought actually turned out to be true.

When you realize that your thoughts and feelings can influence your life in various ways (both negative and positive), you will be careful about the choices you make. You will know how to drive the best out of your life with your thought process

“With every thought you create, you have the power to create your destiny,” says Sadhguru Sakshee Shree.

When you avoid negative thoughts, you have the power to fill it with positivity. When you focus on the good, the good comes to you, but if your thought pattern is about negativity, fear, anxiety, then you will get nothing else but the failure itself.

If you want to improve your quality of life, start choosing your thoughts. Don’t allow your thoughts to choose you instead do the opposite. Our predominant mind has the capability to fulfill our desires once we know the art to reap positivity. If your behavioral pattern is positively influenced, it is fine, but if it is negative, your life and circumstances will mirror those thoughts.

If you feel you are going to fall, you will sabotage every opportunity that comes your way. Similarly, if you are afraid of interacting with people around you, you will eventually make new ways to avoid people and complain you are lonely.

There is a law of Universe that works, “Whatever we give out in the Universe, comes back with the same frequency.”

According to Science Divine, we do have the choice to change our habits of trusting negative. All we need to do is fill our minds with the trust of hope. I hope that everything will turn out to be in our favor if we Universe our friend. The Universe hears what we continuously repeat in our minds. It has no definition of no or yes; rather, it understands what you say.

The first step to manifesting positivity in your life is to have a picture of what you want and not what you fear. There are several ways to do this; you can write your list, do visualization, and write them at the place where you can have a look at it as a first thing in the morning, etc. The next step is to make sure that you engage your subconscious mind with such thoughts. Now affirm what you want from your life accordingly and start believing that you are already there without any doubt.

The last step in the process of manifestation is to use your positivity and emotions. You can have a long list of what you want, visualize it completely, but if you have no emotions attached to what you want to manifest, you can never produce the desired results.


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