The journey to self-realization starts with you!

The journey to self-realization starts with you!

We human beings are mysterious that we know what we are ought to receive everything in life but not ready to pay the amount for it. We feel that the journey to self-realization is easy and it demands time only. However, this is not a fact. Self-realization is quite underestimated nowadays and everyone is on the path to finding God and one’s soul. Do you think encountering oneself is too easy-peasy? No, it is not. It demands the stability of the mind, body, and the soul with some time from your routine. If discovering oneself was obstruction-free, then everyone would have been on a path to witnessing God or would have encountered him at least once in their life.

Atma Sakshatkara is the path to be in one with your soul or what we also called as Atma. Now you must be wondering that your soul is already within you and you are not a different identity. But amidst of all the consciousness, thoughts, Buddi, Chitta, and Ahankara there lies a true version of you, the more soulful one. Only when the mind becomes mindless or free of Ahankars, you will be able to experience the oneness with your Atma.  In reality, the Sakshatkara of the Atma is always there, one only needs wisdom to understand that this mind is stuck in between the Maya and so full of Ahankars.  Your mind and senses try no hard to emerge you with Maya all the time and you reluctantly become the marionette to it. This is the reason, you are not able to witness your whole being and this here and now (Sakshat).      

We can be one with our soul and drop I from it once we become too determined. Meditating and Sakshat is not that simple as closing the eye and chanting some names. One will never be able to witness Sakshat this way. It demands your presence and sheer hard work to sit with oneself and uncover the concealer one have applied to our mind. When being onto this path, your mind will give you excuses as it unfurls with the Maya. The moment you start working, you will have encounters that will shake you away from the journey of self-realization and the matter of fact is that you will wash away so effortlessly.

Now the question is how one can experience Atma Sakshatkara? According to Guruji, if one ever understands that this soul we think is us is real, the mind which now acts as stubborn will become mindless, and its ability to sense and feel certain things (Ahankars) will vanish. You will become one with your mind and in other words, mindless, you will only witness Atma or so-called Atma Sakshathkara. But all this requires your continuous and diligence efforts. It is not difficult to work hard for all the leisure we want in life, and we do it so gracefully giving 100%. But Atma Sakshathkara is something different and people are not ready to pay for it, because they don’t realize that this path is more blissful than anything else in this world. Once you feel that witnessing God is so pleasurable, you will do it without letting your mind find any excuses.

Atma Sakshatkara can only be achieved when you are ready to put everything on stake. It also means that you have to consistently work while being on your journey. For instance, if you meditate only when you are free or skipping every once a while, then it will have no positive impact on your life. Being continuous and consistent is the key to self-realization.

It also happens that people who have witnessed their soul think that this is the end and there is nothing beyond that this. Self-realization is a never-ending journey and there is no destination to reach. People remain seer and never want to witness of being in the state of bliss for them being bliss means enjoying material happiness. Self-realization is a dip journey for which you need to dig and dig and uncover each layer between you and your soul. It means being consistently abided by the efforts you are putting in to meet your soul or your God.  How beautifully you reap depends on how punctiliously you sow

“The journey to self-realization starts with you, but should not end with you”.


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