The Essence of God is present in every soul

The Essence of God is present in every soul

This blog is about how you can reach God and what the true essence of spirituality and religion is. The spirituality is not measured by how many times you visit a temple, rather how you treat others while on your journey of life.

Everywhere around you is a source of the light of God. To interact with everything around you is a connection with supreme power. This supreme power is present at every corner of the universe, and so in order to connect with him, it is not necessary that you should visit a temple every day or be religious. Your connection with him can still be established when you commune with the things around you.

To soothe a fussy mind that is entangled with the myths about religion, the best therapy is to start believing that there is a presence of God in everyone you meet or everything you touch. You are the child of this universe, and so everyone around you is his radiance. The moment you see everyone with an eye of love is the moment you will reach closer to god. If you are not good to your wife, your aged parents, your children, and the neighbors around you, then there is no point in ringing the bells of the temple every morning. Losing sympathy for your loved ones and filling your heart with hatred is a loss for you at first and then for them.

Humanity is deeper than religion. It necessarily does not mean that you should promote Atheism, but believe the fact that his presence can be felt even in his creation. The universe is his formation and aligning oneself with the vibrations of the universe is the true essence of spirituality and religion also.

The irrational who are influenced by the caste system, affirms that religion is the divisions of a particular cast. But had been the case, God would have born us with different caste and religion. He never wanted us to be divided in between the groups, so united us with love.

But the people who differentiate between the people and the creation of god can never ever realize the essence of god. The true essence of god lies in living with the theory that fills your heart with love for those around you. If you are full of love, you will attract more love into your life and eventually abundance will reach you resulting in a life full of bliss.

“The more bliss you have, the more you are in oneness with the supreme power called God.” Science Divine founder Sadhguru Sakshi Ram Kripal ji said.

To quench your thirst of meeting him, sit with your troubles thoughts and allow the stillness to enter your body. The more you visualize your thought pattern; you will start to have a connection with him. You have to listen to what he has to say, pause to connect to him, it is essential. Sitting with oneself daily for 20 to 30 minutes daily can change your beliefs about you and those around you. You will notice your relationship with others changing when you become one with the universe and attract its vibrations.

“What we give to the universe, it comes back to us”

Yes, it is true. Your attitude towards everything decides the quality of your thoughts and your whole life. If you radiate hate to others, you will attract more hate from others for yourself. But if you give love out in the Universe, it will come back to you in surprising ways.

The Universe works on this simple law, “what you give out comes forth to you”. Decide the state of life you want to live and you have the authority to change it completely with a change in your belief system.

Like attract likes and so your love will attract the vibrational frequency of the universe once you radiate love.


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