The art of giving and receiving in abundance

The art of giving and receiving in abundance

Only when you are filled with love from inside, you will be able to learn the art of giving and receiving unconditionally. Here in this blog, with the belief system of Science Divine, we have tried to convey how you can learn this art of giving and receiving in abundance.

“The art of receiving with an open heart and mind allows you to feel or accept things with more joy”, Sadhguru Shree Sakshi Kripal Ji said.

According to Guruji, offering and receiving is a two-way procedure that involves the exchange of energy between the two parties. If you are giving something to someone, but with negative emotion, then you are ought to receive a negative response in return, as long as a receiver can understand your vibes.

The connection between the two and the exchange of energy among the people is the reason that can keep hate at bay and make the relationship thrive more. When you give someone your effort, time, money, love, and any gesture of kindness and able to receive it gracefully with open hands, the energy flows inside and fills the heart with abundance. It is not your job to understand, why someone did this good to you, and realize that you don’t need to entangle yourself with any negative thoughts, as it can result in a negative flow between the other person and you.

Flow can be obstructed by any of the people, be it receiver or giver, and so the founder of Science Divine, Sakshi Shree affirms that one must activate balance of both to radiate love and acceptance to the universe. We tend to be the receiver only and so release the fact that we have to learn the art of giving as well in order to accept things with full grace. Adopt the idea of calling yourself a giver and you will realize that it is a better way to make life blissful. Be mindful of the needs that those who are with you have, but do not forget yourself in this act of love.

Would not it be nice if the love to others flows from the overflow of love we already have in rather than the reserves we have only for ourselves? This kind of giving to others is effortless and comes from the heart that further nourishes you to serve others. But all this can only be done when you nurture your own soul and fill your heart with love and unconditional acceptance for yourself and others also.

Here are some ways by which you can do it:

Take proper rest

If you put everyone at first and never take care of your own needs, you may feel exhausted at times. This is going to benefit no one. Listen to your body and its needs. If it demands relaxation or rest, you should give it. Pushing yourself extra hard is going to deplete your mind and body and increases the risk of mental and physical illness.

Ask for help when you need it

People think that asking for help is not good because the people might consider them incapable. But it is critical for your overall development. Keep aside your ego and believe that everyone knows something that you don’t know.

Look for where you are

In this era when we are too busy surviving that we forget living with our full capability. It is critical to look for where you are at this very point. Are you satisfied with what you have achieved so far or still wandering yet? If the answer to this question is no, then you really need the guidance of some individuals who are contented with what they have in hand.


Mediate, it is essential for your overall peacefulness. There is something special in the energies of the people who practice meditation every day. They have so much of self-love that you will notice them giving others unconditionally. Meditation fills your heart with empathy and compassion for others, widens your agenda of living, and makes you realize the fact that you are different from your soul.

Once you realize how amazing it to have an equal exchange of giving and receiving, you will enjoy the present moments differently and experience a different way to do certain things. You will not only nourish yourself but the other people also who are involved with you.

The art of giving and receiving open heatedly heal you first and then the other people who are involved with you.


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