Social Media and how it affects our life

Social Media and how it affects our life

The excess of anything is bad and so do the use of social media. In the disguise of gaining important information, we often befool ourselves and spend time doing the things that are not too good for us!

Social media is fun! There is no ambiguity in the thought, how social media has affected our life lately. It cannot be concluded that the path to connectivity with the globe has somewhat taken a toll out of our life. It is a good way to commute, to support, spread awareness, and generate income for some millennials. But it is widely believed to be a source of stress these days. With such umpteen types of platform, we can go on wasting our time by mindlessly scrolling, comparing our financial status and the source of joy with those around us. Yes, true! We have no idea how our ritual of opening Facebook app as the first thing in the morning has influenced us.

According to Sadhguru Sakshee Shree, there is a direct relationship between social media and our mental health. Sitting is the new smoking as aphorize by many healthcare experts. Given the number of diseases, social media has given birth to; we are at the edge of destroying our mental state. People feel more lonely and empty deep inside despite thousands of friends on social networking. We believe that through online networking we are earning friends; while what we are adding is a number. We are spending our energy on useless things instead of nurturing our relationships with our loved one around.

Guruji is on a path to set people free of the roots of social media. His mindfulness activities have alleviated tons of people who were mindlessly wandering. Here are the strategies provided by him to mark boundaries on how we should use our social media:

  • Awareness

Ask yourself, why you are on social media? Is it to feel fresh, to catch up with the news, to connect or to know how your relatives are doing? Empower your usage and know exactly why you are using it and how often. Those who mindlessly scroll, have no idea of how many months or years they have spent watching the news feed and wasted such precious time for no big reason.

  • No-phone time zone

Yes, this may sound absurd, but it is critical for our health. A hell lot of people check on their phone even when in the toilet. Even at the dinner table, on the bus or metro, at work, we are so busy using the phone, that we forget who is sitting next to us. You will hardly notice any two people talking, but eyeing on the phone.

  • Control what to watch

Social media is not bad, but our usage is. In the disguise of the news, we spend more time checking others’ feeds believing that we can befool others. But deep down ask yourself, for whom you are lying for?  It is your life and you can spend years being at the same place or being productive with the resources you have got.

  • Break is important

Taking a break from your social media account is necessary and you should do it after every while. You can also limit the apps you use by deleting the apps or signing off for some days.

Such strategies when rightly adopted can help to bring down the negative impact of social media on our daily life. Practice mindfulness by way of meditation and stay out in nature to know the real YOU!


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