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Meet Sakshi Shree, an enlightened master, who has a tremendous sensitivity to be one with the seeker. He reads your past, present and future like an open book and without you speaking even a single word, he writes down the main problems of your life and provides powerful and effective remedies for resolving your physical, emotional and financial imbalances.

Also, in the supermarket of spirituality, today, spiritual masters have been replaced by strange readymade systems, stereotype techniques and methods of meditation that have no soul in them. They are like generic over-the-counter pills doing more harm than good. Sakshi Shree will guide you with specific spiritual processes, meditations, or remedies best suited to your intrinsic nature because your stories, struggles and scars are very personal and unique.

Thousands of people from all across the globe have benefitted after receiving the divine guidance from Sakshi Shree.

It will help you immensely if you need help with any of the following:

  1. Any unknown mistake of past life that is troubling you.

  2. Your business/work life is not on track.

  3. Family/relationship issues.

  4. Extreme emotional ups and downs.

  5. Financial issues.

  6. Spiritual guidance in life.

Who is Sakshi Shree?

An enlightened master & divine messenger, Sakshi Shree is the brain & soul behind Science Divine – The Science Divine Living. He is the new-age spiritual master who doesn’t forbid people from enjoying the materialistic comforts of life that they have worked hard for. Instead, he brings achievable means and ways to attain enlightenment and experience spirituality.
Sakshi Shree had his tryst with spirituality. Guided by his Guru, Swami Sudarshanacharya Maharaj, he left his comfortable life as a successful Indian bureaucrat to devote it to people. Endowed with divine powers, Sakshi Shree intends to create a world where the people will be free from the drudgeries through the path of spirituality.

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Meet the people who have taken guidance from Guru Ji

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Also! You can Income Tax Benefits under section 80G on the fees you pay to book your appointment as all the money you pay will go towards funding the education of an underprivileged kid under our Jhuggi Jhopdi Shiksha Sewa Mission.

Also, if you book now, you will get Shree Siddha Manifestation Kit worth INR 2100 absolutely free as a gift from Guru Ji to achieve all that you dream or desire!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these meetings/sessions online or face-to-face?

These sessions/meetings are conducted offline/face-to-face because you need to be near Guru Ji for him to be able to read your frequencies and deep dive into your life.

Can you have an online meet?

Ideally, we recommend a face-to-face meet. However, If you are not able to visit personally for some reasons, you can avail this online meet facility. However, we would recommend that as a last resort only.

Where are these sessions/meetings conducted?

These meetings/sessions are conducted at our ashrams in Ghaziabad near Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. And you can select any of these 3 locations as per your preference.

I've made the payment. How do I book the appointment on the date of my preference?

Once you have made the payment, somebody from our team will get in touch with you to book your appointment as per your preferred location, date, and time.

Can I re-schedule my appointment?

Yes, you can! Just let us know at least 8 hours in advance before your scheduled appointment and we will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment

Is the payment refundable?

No! However, you can transfer your booking to someone else in your family/relations. Just let us know in advance by sending us an email or on our given phone numbers.

What is the duration of these meetings?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Do I need to wear anything specific for these meetings?

No! You can wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Do I need to bring anything specific for this meeting?

No! Just be three with a smile. That’s it.

Will I get Income Tax benefits on the payment I make here?

Yes! The payment you make to book your appointment will go directly in the account of our NGO Jhuggi Jhopadi Shiksha Sewa Samiti and will be utilized towards funding education of underprivileged kids.  And this payment is tax free under section 80G of IT Act.

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