Manifestation Meditation

Manifestation Meditation

The art of achieving whatever you want

The world is infested with desire. Unfulfilled desires create anger, frustration and sadness. We hardly come across gentle, amiable, glowing faces. Everyone seems to be tense, only the degree of tension may vary. And for all our unfulfilled desires we blame anyone but ourselves. But our success or failure are our own. Somewhere negativity or positivity of our thoughts are responsible. It has been said time and again that thoughts make a man. Sages say, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” If our thoughts are positive, if we stay away from negativity and focus on the auspicious, we can avoid many imminent failures, overcome adversity and eventually emerge winners.

That’s why our Sadguru Sakshi Shri says thoughts are at the root of everything. So it’s necessary to be watchful of your thoughts because today’s thoughts become actions tomorrow. Sadguru says, “ there is a cosmic science based on nature’s law that enables us to achieve everything we desire. The key lies in understanding this science and knowing the steps to apply in our daily lives. Manifestation Meditation or art of achieving everything you desire is such a miracle toolkit. The master secret down the ages is the marvelous, miraculous power of the subconscious mind. Humanity needs to explore it.”

According to Sadguru, everything that a man focuses on must appear in life, whether he wants to have it or not. Therefore, constantly thinking or worrying about something is an invitation to get those things from the universe. That’s why most people suffer. Those things or incidents happen to them that they want to avoid at all cost. Why? Because you were constantly worrying about ugly things. Thus they become an invitation. Therefore, the conclusion of all enlightened masters is that a person can change his entire life and future accordingly by changing the pattern of thoughts. Therefore emphasis on thoughts is of paramount importance.

Manifestation Meditation or science of achieving the things you want is not something that you have to practice in a cave or penitentiary. We never ask for this. We are just asking for a change in your way of thinking. You do not have to give any extra time for this. This is just a five-minute routine exercise that you can do after waking up in the morning or before sleeping at night. There is a reason for choosing this time. The fifteen minutes before sleeping or after waking up in the morning are the most important moments of your life. This is called Amrit Vela or time of elixir. At this time, whatever you think, whatever you ask for, slowly starts to enter your subconscious. And any demand which has penetrated into the subconscious, existence fulfills it. Siddh Kamna Kriya is simply a method to give your thoughts and desires a direction and make them penetrate your subconscious. It’s a miraculous five minutes exercise that will make your life fulfilling in every way. You will be astonished. This miracle is of the subconscious.

Sadguru says, your every demand has two dimensions. One dimension is what you want in life and another dimension is what you don’t want. Most people get things in life that they want to avoid. So put aside negativity and the idea of ​​failure. If you are constantly worried about failure then failure is a certainty. So stay positive. You do not need to change the outside world. Change your own thoughts. If your attention is focused on love, then love will start pouring in life, if it is focused on pleasure, then pleasure will start growing. So you be the change and the world will change itself in accordance with your aspirations, your wishes. It’s possible. You only need to change your thoughts and this must occur in both dimensions of thought. That is, focus on what you want, and just ignore undesirable thoughts. Stop worrying about failure and cultivate a love for success. if you want to achieve extraordinary things in life, want to reach the pinnacle of prosperity then think big, dream big. You must always remember, you are the source of infinite powers.


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