Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation

Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation

Towards a stress-free childhood and a successful future

Before enlisting the benefits of Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation, a note of caution is a must. We, adults, are destroying the future of our own kids. We have made them overworked and stressed. Childhood is crushed under the weight of expectations and has transformed into a performance. Our fixation with scores, awards, and trophies is robbing our kids of their childhood, their health, and happiness. Children are under too much pressure to perform and the fear of failure is always looming large in the shadows. It’s a silent epi­demic and children are suffering in silence. We just can’t hear their cries. Rather than building their resilience, such a cutthroat competition from a young age is driving our children towards chronic insecurity, fear, anxi­ety, disconnection, loneliness, and ultimately depression. The only message they hear from you and from school is to perform at all costs.

Please stop throwing your kids in this rat race. Your only job is to make them resilient and responsible. Just provide them with tools that can make them focussed, confident, creative and joyful.

In other words, initiate them into meditation and practice of Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation. Sadguru Sakshi Shri says that starting meditation at an old age is like sowing seeds after the season is over. Hence all efforts should be made to motivate them to undertake the journey of meditation at an early age. Starting from a young age has many benefits. For the kids, it will be the stepping stone towards transforming the negative sex energy into positive spiritual energy. If they start meditation early in life and practice even for a little time each day, a new door of positive energy would open before they reach the age of adolescence.

Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation as revealed by Sadguru Sakshi Sakshi Shri is an established scientific technique for multi-fold increase in memory, mental ability, intelligence, and concentration for extraordinary succession academic performance and competitive exams. It’s a compact, short, simple, and effective 13 minutes miracle meditation. It has five simple, easy-to-do steps that any child can practice. This Meditation strengthens self-acceptance, builds confidence, and enhances the feeling of empowerment. It helps teenagers deal with the turmoil of adolescence by helping them balance conflicting emotions and manage stress. Thus they are better able to deal with stress. The practitioners are discovering many benefits of MegaMind meditation techniques.

Maha Medha Kriya is the most practical method to unleash the dormant energy of your brain. This meditation technique ensures cerebral movements that trigger different parts of the brain and form new connections. The practice involved in this Kriya stimulates the grey cells and allows the free flow of information through various networks of the brain, eventually making the use of brain cells to their optimum potential. It helps unclog a stressed brain and restores the ability to learn and function with renewed vigor.

It is now a proven fact that students who practice Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation perform much better than others and are driven by positive energy. Positivity is the need of the hour and an antidote to every kind of negativity. Our brain is the source of infinite intelligence. We only use only five to seven percent of its potential. If we begin to use ten to twenty percent of the power of our brain, the world will become an infinitely better and beautiful place. We are sure today’s kids will be the harbinger of a new humanity. The world is waiting.


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