Inner Healing Meditation

Inner Healing Meditation

In this inner cleansing device, the power of visualization and the power of will are used along with alternate nostril breathing techniques to intensify and expedite the process of eliminating grossness and negativity from the entire system of your being.

Samskaras are directly acquired habits of the mind. They are the subtle impressions of our past actions. We are born with a warehouse of samskaras. As long as we are alive, we continuously perform actions, but not all of them contribute to the formation of samskaras. It should be noted that actions that we perform with full awareness are the ones that make the greatest impression on our minds. In other words, it is the intent behind the action that provides force to that action.

The word “samskara” is made of two words. The prefix sam means well planned, well thought out, and kara means “the action undertaken.” Thus, “samskara” means “the impression of, the impact of, the action we perform with full awareness of its purpose and outcome.” When we perform such an action, a subtle impression is deposited in the warehouse of our mind. Every time we repeat the same action, the impression becomes stronger. This is how a habit is formed. The stronger the habit, the less mastery we have over our mind. And whenever we try to do something that is against our habitual pattern, our samskara resists. These habitual patterns subtly yet very forcefully motivate our thoughts, speech, and actions. When they become strong enough to alter our thinking process, they become “samskara.”

Our thinking, the acting process is totally under the spell of these powerful impressions. They become the determining factors of our personality, and due to these samskaras, we perceive this world in our habitual ways.

As long as we are alive, we continuously perform actions, but not all of them contribute to the formation of samskaras. In fact, you are like a computer and samskaras are its hard disc where everything is stored. If all our thoughts and impressions could be fed into a computer and a printout taken, it might run into a million pages. You will be astonished to find that you are carrying this heavy load of these samskaras from many births. Yet every day we crowd our minds with many new thoughts and desires.

Time to get rid of them! But how?

Suppression will not work. Eradication of the bad samskaras is the key. Only a self-realized master can remove all this garbage that you are carrying from many incarnations. Samskaras from many different births will vanish only with the help of an enlightened master. A cleaning operation of such a scale is not possible without a Guru. If you are deluding yourself with the thoughts that you can do this on your own, then you are on a worthless ego trip. First of all, you do not know what is undesirable rubbish and what should be cherished. Unsubtle souls may throw diamonds and keep the stones because they don’t know the difference. Therefore, leave it to Guru. Surrender to him completely with your body, mind, and spirit. Only then you will be in receiving mode and in this state you can receive the grace of your Guru. Then Guru will remove all of your doubts, ignorance and transform the vicious cycle of samskaras (mental impressions).

Inner Healing Meditation is a powerful device to get rid of your accumulated samskaras in a quick time and without much effort. But before you must have unwavering faith, be completely in the receptive mode, and resolve should be firm. If your determination is deep and intense then success will come soon and surely. And doing this Kriya hardly takes much time. What matters is intent and intensity. After all the imprints and impressions are removed, you will be a completely new person, your radiance will shine. That is your destiny.


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