Immortality Meditation

Immortality Meditation

A journey towards love and divinity

What is the meaning of Immortality Meditation? The closest term in English is a life-giving act or act of vitalizing. Certainly, it can infuse the force of life in a spiritually lifeless soul. Actually, it’s not a meditation or an act where you have to do something. You have been doing something this or that since the day you were born. We are talking about an act that will lead you towards Akriya or doing nothing. We are simply telling you to sit down. But is that so easy? We know it’s a herculean task. Even when you are sitting at home and thinking about relaxation, your mind is wandering. You are sitting but just physically, your mind is at work. The mind is the other name of confusion and unclarity. The journey from this confusion and unclarity of mind to a state of no-mind passes through meditation. When you reach the state of no-mind, existence opens up itself. But for that, you will have to unlearn many things and learn to think from the heart again.

Why am I telling you to think from the heart?

You may be wondering how you can use your heart to think? You may be scared that you may suffer losses or someone may cheat you. In fact you are frightened of innocence. Don’t you think it’s a tragedy for mankind? Remember only the childs can enter the kingdom of god. You have to be a child again. That’s why our focus is on heart chakra, one of the seven centres of our body. Heart is the center of your life. With the first heartbeat you came into being and with last you said goodbye to this mortal world. Also lots of your accumulated thoughts, desires and samskaras from your earlier incarnations are stored in your Heart Chakra. When you begin to focus on Heart Chakra, these unwarranted accumulated desires start to disappear. When your Heart Chakra begins to awake, love manifests itself. And we say love is god. When your heart is full of love, divinity enters. And you are a divine creature.

Immortality Meditation is the way to find love and Divinity

As we recognized in the very beginning that for today’s man, the fundamental problem is to sit down and empty your mind. Once you have emptied your mind, divinity enters. Immortality Meditation is just devised in a way that will empty your mind and lead you towards no mind. All you have to do is to give us 35 minutes and practice it for twenty one days. You will see the difference. Immortality Meditation has four simple, easy to do stages and each stage is designed in a way that will catapult you to the next stage. The first three stages are different breathing techniques that will exhaust you and empty your mind. It will set the stage for the fourth stage and that is meditation.

Now you can either watch your breath or focus on Third Eye Chakra but we will prefer it if you concentrate on Heart Chakra which means the left side of your heart. Once the Heart Chakra is open, it’s easier to open other Chakra because it’s centered in the middle. The Heart Chakra is a bridge to earthly and deepest spiritual aspirations. It’s a meeting point of the physical and spiritual. When you begin to think from the heart, you will discover that you are filled with love, compassion, gratitude and thankfulness. Now you are in receiving mode. Your desire becomes the desire of existence. Existence will fulfill it immediately. And then when you smile at someone, it’s like existence is smiling with you. Your smile becomes a blessing.

Sakshi Shri wants nothing from you. He just wants you to benefit from this boon for humanity. Immortality Meditation is immensely helpful in the emergence of a new humanity. It has many benefits like a sound body, sound mind and inner peace. But why settle for less than self realization. It’s your birthright. As they say, enter the kingdom of god and all else shall follow. So come and join us on this journey to spread the message of love and divinity through Sanjeevani Kriya. Everything else shall follow.


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