Self-knowledge or General knowledge: what to cultivate?

Self-knowledge or General knowledge: what to cultivate?

This article contains –

a. Introduction – Self-knowledge and General knowledge!

b. Self Knowledge or General Knowledge: which one matters the most?

c. 2-ways to cultivate self-knowledge

Topic A

What is knowledge?

Bunch of facts, information, and skills that one person gets or gain by experience (his own or others) and education. Knowledge is also an emotion through which you cultivate yourself. Knowledge is not only correlated with books; it is also about experiencing life. What you have learned during the journey of life. Years-by-years, you have changed a lot physically as well as mentally. Your likings have also changed with your nature.

Introduction – Self-knowledge and General knowledge!

There are two source of knowledge you gain or get from your whole life.

The first is General Knowledge that you get from school, college, and home. The second one is Self Knowledge that you gain from your own experiences.

Umpteen people believe that books are the best teachers, which offers all the color of rainbows. But, books are based on someone’s self-knowledge. For instance, you might have heard about the book ‘The alchemist by Paulo Coelho’. In this book, Mr. Paulo has shared his thoughts or you can say that he just converted his consciences into a book. This is called self-knowledge.

Through self-knowledge, you do not get to know about your inner likings or yourself, but you also become able to achieve your aim.

Have you ever thought that you without even witnessing God, you still believe him? Because whatever you hear or know correlated with the GOD is all you get by scripture books, instead of your conscience.

In the corporate world, did you ever use the knowledge you got in the 10th class? Never, because in the real world, your struggle or walks with your self-awareness or knowledge.

That is why one who has self-knowledge or experience can make his own identity in the world with millions of people.

Self-knowledge you gain and general knowledge is what you get.

Topic B

Self Knowledge or General Knowledge: which one matters the most?

Here is an example through which you will be able to understand which one is better, self or general knowledge.

A doctor can heal a patient with his knowledge of medical science. But, a doctor cannot feel the pain through which the patient is going through until he experiences it on his own. This is the difference between getting and gain or conscience and thought. Until you do not experience the pain of a person who is crying next to you, you can never console him effectively.

These days’ we all don’t like to spend time with our parents or grandparents because they couldn’t match to our thoughts. But, your elders have experienced that you still didn’t get. Self-knowledge is not just related to you, your nature, your likings, your desires; it is also about how much you know your loved ones. Your life is not only correlated with you, but your health, wealth, and happiness also are all dependent on yourself, and the people around you like your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and many more.

Here we are not influencing or telling you to stop studying or rely upon self-knowledge, we are sharing how to cultivate the knowledge that helps you in the journey of life.

General knowledge is a degree that gives you money, and Self-knowledge is the power that trains you to survive in the world.

Both of them are vital in their place but do not rely upon a one. Use both of them equally and smartly.

Topic C

2-Ways to cultivate self-knowledge!

Underneath are the 2 ways through which one can cultivate self-knowledge. Yes, you may be thinking why we are only telling you the ways to cultivate self-knowledge because the other one knowledge you are already getting or got in your school and college.

1. Meditation –

Meditation can be related to anything; it is not compulsory that sitting blindfolded or chanting is the only concept of meditation. It can be anything like if you like to draw, and then it is your own way to know your real self. If you are one, who likes to cook, then take out some time for that and it will become your way of meditation.

Meditating means relaxing your mind for some time by doing whatever you enjoy the most.

2. Come out of your comfort zone –

“I have skills and I do not need to learn or gain a new skill because I might not need it”. Yes, you may have heard this line from a lot of people. This is the best mistake everyone does. By living or spending a day without learning a new thing that is far from your zone indicates that you are pushing a bike without oil.

This world is made up of millions or trillion things that you still do not know about. Your every day is designed in a way in which you daily get a new surprise from someone. Tyr to come out of your comfort zone, push yourself, gain a pain, and burn like a fire to become a precious diamond that shines like a star.

Do not live in a cage just open your eyes, heart, and mind, so you can push yourself. So, one day you will not feel guilty that you missed something.

Create your own book of knowledge, instead of only reading someone else book.


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