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Out-of-school Children 6-17 Yrs. (In Crore)


Malnourished Poor Urban Kids (%)


How are we helping?

As they say the great journey to end poverty begins with a child. Education truly is the key to success. in serving the best interests of children, we serve the best interests of all humanity. But, we are failing in this sacred duty. Some grim statistics will testify to our assertion.


Certainly, the fate of children can’t be left to the state alone. We as a part of society have to intervene. We are doing our part in nurturing childhood. Under the guidance of Sadhguru Sakshi Shree, The Science Divine Foundation has formed an organization “Jhuggi Jhopdi Seva Samiti” to help these underprivileged kids. It’s a registered non-profit organization that has been engaged in the all-around development efforts of slum children since 2010. More than 400 children from nearby slums are studying here. Here children are provided with modern education in a Gurukul-like environment. Besides, they are also provided with lunch, books, uniforms, and stationery. We provide dry ration to their families too. We resolve to establish Science Divine Vidyapeeths in every city.


Helping unfortunate kids may be the best way to find meaning and fulfillment. When we make someone happy, we become even happier. That’s the power of giving.

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