Sakshi Dham International, Vrindavan

The sacred and ancient city of Vrindavan is known for its most beloved son Lord Krishna, colours of Holi and its sprawling temples. Soon it will add a new landmark as Sakshi Dham International.

Situated on Chatikara Road and surrounded by greenery from three sides, this meditation and wellness retreat is sure to catch the attention of the seekers and devotees from all over the globe. So far, Sakshi Dham International is under construction and we hope that the project will be complete by the year’s end.

Once completed, this sprawling spiritual retreat will have features that are in accordance with our core philosophy of Sound Body, Sound Mind, Self Realization. And these features are :

  • International meditation Center
  • Radha Krishna Mandir
  • Auditorium and Satsang Hall
  • Library
  • Health Club and Fitness Center
  • Modern Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fully Furnished Apartments
  • Multi-Cuisine Resturent
  • Musical Fountain
  • Power Backup
  • 24 Hours Water Supply
  • Round the Clock Security

This retreat will have a garden and uncrowded setting, away from hustle and bustle where peace and quietness will come effortlessly. The spiritual teaching program will consist of a combination of Pranayam, breathing, meditation, cleansing, spiritual teachings, and wholesome organic Ayurvedic food. However, our teaching is less about Yogic postures and more about going on an inner journey. Ayurvedic healing programs for detoxifying and stress are offered as well.

Our revered teacher and enlightened master Sakshi Shri is eagerly awaiting the completion of this spiritual retreat for his own reasons. He says : My goal is to see a humanity full of divine love and inner peace and also at the heights of material happiness and prosperity. Sakshi Dham International will witness extraordinary and unprecedented efforts towards raising the consciousness of man with meditation and love. The cooperation given by the Sakshi friends in the creation of this spiritual center as a laboratory to create a new humanity on this planet will manifest infinitely many times in the form of immense happiness, prosperity and ultimate bliss in their lives, such is my heartfelt blessing.

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