Parenting is not a popularity contest – So, Stop Worrying!

Parenting is not a popularity contest – So, Stop Worrying!

Writers work is to convert thoughts, ideas, dreams, or feelings into a story just like your parents do for you. Parents are the people in our lives, who erase every negative thing from our path. Therefore, they cannot change our destiny. Sometimes they create their opinions about us without even considering our views. 

Mother to son – I know what makes you happy. 

Son to mother – you know the things that I want to tell you, instead of what I feel. 

Mother to son – You are my boy, I know you better than you know yourself. 

Son to mother – One day, I will do what I like the most, not what you want for me. 

Sometimes, our parents should understand that as their children, we are also an individual with our likes and dislikes. Yes, our parents do every possible thing to make us happy and healthy. But, they shouldn’t preclude us from living freely.

Every child has their dreams, and you cannot make dreams for them as parents. Parents are scared because they do not want their children to face those circumstances that they had met in their past. During your parent-hood, you are ignoring two things. 

  1. Everyone has their battle, which they have to fight themselves. 
  2. Everyone has to experience everything in their life, and you cannot take that right from them. 

Father to son – Rohan, go in your room and do not dare to come out until you finish your homework. 

Son to father – Papa, let me play my game, then I will complete my homework. 

Father to son – Yes, Beta, I understand that this game is much more critical than your marks. With the help of the game, you will get admission in the college. 

Son to father – No, Papa 

Father to son – One day, when you become an engineer, then you will understand the value of my words. 

Son to father – is it essential to ruin my present for the future?

Stop running for marks, stop wrenching the childhood of your kid, or rending the heart of your child. If you do not allow him to enjoy his present, then stop expecting anything from them. Every child has his mind, intelligence, destiny, and happiness. You cannot force him to be like Mr. Sharma’s son, who is a doctor or an engineer. Treat your child according to his personality and likings.

If your child is not a brilliant student, he never achieved 90% in mathematics, or even not good in sports. Try to find out the abilities your child has, the things he likes the most, the actives he prefers to choose in school, or how he behaves with everyone. In short, explore your child; give him some space so he can discover himself.

Everyone is different from each other, and you cannot force anyone to be like someone else. Yes, you can give an example of a person who is doing well in his life. But, never compare your child because doing this can be heart-rending of your child. Due to this, he can go into depression and negativity born in him.

These days’ children are much more aware of everything because of digital gadgets. Social sites are feeding your child with knowledge. Therefore, the 21st century is becoming an era in which mental and physical illnesses are growing day-by-day.

The five leading mental health disorders of the 21st century are- 

1. Anxiety 

2. Depression 

3. Eating disorders 

4. Substance abuse

5. Attention deficit disorder ADD/ADHD 

Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji says – Today’s children are unwell because their parents are struggling for mental peace. 

Our generation needs to calm down to think where we are going, what we will leave for our children. – Problems, diseases, anxiety, obesity, robotic life, trauma, struggle, or what. The nuclear family ritual replaces the culture of the undivided family. Children are not aware of relations like grandparents.

“Grandparents are the best teachers of their grandchild.”

Parents of parents are very well aware of the art of parenting. There is an idiom in Hindi “असल से ज्यादा, सूत प्यारा होता है.”

An older man, who lost his tooth, not able to walk, cannot eat well, not able to visualize things, and almost lost his memory. On the other hand, a kid who has deciduous teeth, learning to walk, eat, exploring ideas, and making memories? The conclusion is that an older man and a kid are the partners who are walking on the same path. One almost reaches the end, and the other one is going to start his journey. So, who almost reaches the finish line will teach you more about the trip. 

Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji shares his life experiences and shows the way to live in the present, to understand the value of your loved ones, to preclude anxiety, depression, or secrets of joyful living with meditation. 

Guruji shows the art of medication through which parents can grow with their children. Parenting is not a task; it is a phase of a new you. 

Open your hands and heart to accept the things that your destiny gives to you whether it is an opportunity of parenting. Take guidance from your parents, who know what is better for you (hahahahahahahahahahaha), but always listen to your mind. 

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