Not everything is good for everyone!

Not everything is good for everyone!

Yes, if one thing is to turn to be healthy for your friend that does not mean it is also suitable for you. Keep one thing in your mind that you can copy someone’s nature or habit, but not his/her intelligence, abilities, luck, and destiny. You are here to create your way instead of copying someone else. 

Numerous people believe in eating food from someone else’s plate because they do not have faith in themselves. You might have noticed that when you admire someone for his excellent work, you feel encouraged to give more effort in your work. However, when you copy someone else work, you always feels butterflies in your stomach that are the symbol of lack of confidence. Everyone has their abilities, so if you yet cannot find your one, then you need to open your mind. 

These days’ the increasing trend of digitalization makes everything so easy that now you do not even need to go out for shopping. Everything is available in one touch. But, yet, some people feel hesitation to share their abilities in public. 

The science divine is a foundation builds by Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, who by utilizing his abilities to make other’s life happy and healthy by spreading the art of meditation. Through his words, you understand the true meaning of happiness and living a disease-free life. He does not teach you to quit everything and lay down in a Modra of meditation. He only admires others to give some time to yourself from your busy schedule. 

“Your abilities are dying to come out to show your worth.”

It would help if you found out what is better for you, so you can save your time by not trying the unnecessary things in your life. Yes, you are right. It is not easy to not think about anything while meditating. In the beginning, you find it tough to control your body and mind, but once you start gaining something from it, then you will know its real value. 

It is human nature that you do not try or spend your time on something until you get benefits from it. Believe us and give 30 minutes from your 24 hours to yourself to meditate, and then you will know why we are suggesting you meditation. 

It is it, remember not everything is for everyone, so find what is best for you by open up your mind, and cleanse your body with the help of meditation. Here, meditation does not mean to cut off you from the world. Meditation can be anything that you find relaxing, whether it is dance, study, or else. 

Hope our words admire and help you in anyway. If you like what we share here, then share your words with us through social sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Website of the science divine. 


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