Not everyone is your friend!

Not everyone is your friend!

The 21st century is the era of artificial friendship. In this world, no relation describes friends. People do not help anyone until they see any benefit in it. Several people things that the world is full of fake feelings and emotions about how one can find a true friend? Always remember that you receive what you give. Life is like a circle; you might hear that what goes around comes around. Yes, it is right if you want to love, then you have to spread love in the air. If you wish to a person with whom you can share your feelings, and in front of him, you can cry out loud. You have to become that person; you need to install the device/emotion of love and care inside you. You might meet a lot of people who are happy in their life. They do not worry about the things that are going to happen in the future. They only believe, experience, and enjoy their presence. Sadhguru Sakhshi Shree Ji is a director of the Science Divine, which he builds to spread love and care around the world. He is a person who always smiles, and from him, you get a vibe that inspires you to live freely. What do you expect from your loved ones?• Care• Love• Pamper• Time• Understanding But, what happened when you’re not getting the things, you expected from your friends. You might start cursing your life, destiny, universe, and Blah..Blah. But, you never try to know what’s going inside your body and mind. Why you want someone to love you? You can share your feelings, love, and care with others, but you cannot expect it back. Below, we have written the three agendas; you can try and stop hurting yourself. 1. Life is about to give and take If you want someone to be loyal and sincere with you, then you have to build yourself in that way. If a person takes time to trust you, which means he is not getting good vibes from you. Now, you want to know what vibes are. For instance – In the morning, you go out of your home without eating anything or fighting with your mother. The whole day you feel irritated or might fight with more people or argue with someone. That is called vibes, which you get and spread.  If a person does not like you or ignores you that means somewhere he doesn’t feel connected with you. To keep your vibes clean, happy, positive, and energetic, you should calm your mind. For that, you can do the things through which you can detox your body, cleanse your blood, and calm your mind. Meditation and Yoga are natural and healthy ways that you can use. 2. Stop expecting When you tell your conscious mind that you are expecting something from someone, then your mind starts dreaming about it. The mind is a computer that works according to the programs you commend. The expectation is the leading cause of problems like anxiety, stress, tension, depression, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Expectations give birth to over-thinking to stress to depression, then several health ailments. Just keep one thing in your mind that what you give is what you get. So, do not expect anything from anyone. Do your work/Karm, and one day, you will get what you are dreaming. 3. Express your emotions Sometimes you might want to cry out loud, but do not take a step because of what others will think about you. At that time, you forget what is vital for your body, mind, and soul. When you hold your emotions inside, it becomes a balloon filled with feelings, which might blow anytime without busing any alarm. If you do not like to cry or show your emotions to others, then you can use it somewhere else. For instance, you can join dance classes, Yoga, meditation, help poor people, teach children, spend time with elders, and many other activities. By doing some exercises, you convert your emotions into energy that is beneficial for your physical and psychological health. Friends are the peoples with whom you can be yourself. They do not expect anything from you. They love you unconditionally and always correct you. You cannot understand everyone, so stop hurting yourself by thinking over it. Just keep walking, spread love whoever comes your way, and welcome everything that you get from your destiny. Conclusion:– Today everyone is suffering from emotional trauma and trust issues, which are very common in this fast life. People do not have time to think about what they want from life. That is the reason why detrimental disorders like cancer are increasing. People have lost their patience, and crimes like sexual harassment are spreading their wings. It is not only the duty of our government to clean the states and country; we are also responsible for helping others. Awareness is the vital thing that we all need in some ways, whether it is related to relations or society. Being an essential member of Science Divine, with Sadhguru Sakhri Shree Ji, you can light the candles of hope in others’ lives that will help you in a lot of things.


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