Learn the way to break your thought pattern!

Learn the way to break your thought pattern!

Getting entangled in the thoughts is common these days’ as everyone is too busy living in the future. By practicing certain ways to live life, we can develop ways to be fully aware of what is happening now instead of living in the future and destroying our peace of mind.

Let’s do an activity, put your hands together and draw your attention on the sensations that are happening. Did you notice anything? Sudden vibes that you never noticed before!

We very well know that we have five senses to see, to hear, to feel, to smell, and to touch, but Buddhists believe that there is another sense above such five senses and that is “thinking”. Those who have developed strong concentration through spiritual practices know that our thinking pattern behaves similarly to our other senses. “A thought enters our consciousness; we feel it and process it according to our environment. Hence, it can be considered as another sense that helps us experience things around you, says Sadhguru Sakshi Shree founder of Science Divine.

We focus or put so much attention on our thoughts that we start to live with it without even acknowledging that it stays with us for years. This habit of ours has impacted us so much that we have begun to live in this though-centric world. Might be you realize that this is not healthy, just because you are reading someone else views when such things happen to us, we keep on living without even paying heed to it. We have no idea that from how long we have been thinking about this extraneous thought in our mind, for 10 years or more maybe?

This is devastating, as for the thoughts to keep us engaged with them, it needs our constant attention different from our reality. A kind of imaginary world we build around us when we get stuck in thoughts. Sometimes it is like creating a false reality that gives us momentary pleasure, for instance, I will be happy when I buy a Porsche car. This is our thought attaching themselves with future moments and not allowing us to enjoy this very moment in our hand.

Once our thought becomes prominent, it is hard to get back to reality as we get hooked, the founder of Science Divine says. According to Guruji, awareness is important to realize at which point you are in. If you are too busy living a thoughtful life, you can never have peace with yourself. The anxiety enters those minds that live in the future. If you know how to calm a fussy mind, then you are almost there as you know where your mind is jumping.

How to break your though-addiction habit?

Before proceeding on finding a way to break this rule, one should be aware of the idea when our mind jumps. The goal of the mindfulness is to develop a friendly relationship with your thought process. Once you know your thoughts are not positive, immediately switch them to something positive. Through meditation, we can learn this art of realizing the nature of the thought, if it is negative or positive.

Meditation is a practice or art of living that lets you determine how your mind is processing things. We are humans and we can master our mind by learning some mindfulness practices, such as Sanjeevni Kriya.


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