Learn the art of being human

Learn the art of being human

Often in the myth of our belief system, we judge people and still call our self a spiritual healer. This is one aspect of living and another is that everyone has their right or wrong. What seems right to us can be wrong to someone else.

Do you call yourself spiritual?

Do you think spirituality is all about spending hours meditating?

Is it about living life as saints away from the worldly pleasures?

If such questions ever pop up in your mind and the answer to you, by you, is yes, then you are heading a wrong way. Spirituality was never about eating simple food and it can never be about spending all day with closed eyes and chanting a mantra. The real meaning of spirituality means learning to be human first and filling your heart with empathy for those around you. Make sure, that you use a word called empathy instead of sympathy next time when you address spirituality.

Spirituality is a broader concept that requires you to detach yourself from the word “I,” and not from the surroundings. It begins the moment you consider yourself a different identity from the “I.”

Question yourself “who am I”? “What is my purpose of being in this space”? What is the path I need to travel to?”

We need to come down to our original self and learn the art of being human first. Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, tells us that spiritual notions are nowadays being used as a parameter to judge other people around. No one wants to be a human; rather, they want to be called a spiritual healer, irrespective of the fact that spiritualism begins the moment you believe that you are here for a reason. The reason could be to spread joy or love or make people understand the new definition of unconditional love.

People who visit Ashrams, study religions, become teachers, and devote their life to the upliftment of humanity are sometimes full of judgments and insecurities for others around. Until now, we have believed the wrong about Spirituality.

To be a human is to believe that we all are a part of God’s creation. It does not matter whether you are a spiritual teacher or not; you can still be human and thriving. What matters the most in this journey is to be real with each other or even with oneself. The idea of being authentic is to understand that if you cannot be true to yourself, you can never be the same to any two-person you meet. Don’t you think it is more like living a fake life with masks on our faces if we call ourselves a spiritual person and still judge a person?

There are many spiritual healers who question other people’s way of living because they believe what they are doing is the best way. They pass negative comments even for someone’s way to meditate. This is totally absurd and pathetic.

Maybe we need to learn a different way of learning the art of spiritualism that is free from any prejudice and judgment says the founder of Science Divine, Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji. The first thing you can do in the first place is to leave the habit of criticizing and commenting on someone’s way of living. Learn to have peace with yourself; if you cannot be at peace, then you will always be irritated with how everyone is doing in their life. Learn to accept the fact that your truth is different from other’s truth and vice versa.  People are living life according to the best of their knowledge and belief system, let them live.



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