Is it alright to fail sometime?

Is it alright to fail sometime?

Winning and losing are the two sides of a single coin. Winning is only a milestone in one’s life. On the other side, losing is a method to learn lessons to try again to win.

What is failure?

How someone judges failure?

Why losing always hurt or disappoint?

Why one cannot accept failure?

Is insolvency means the end?

There are so many questions but no answers yet. Why people do not count failure as one more chance to win?

Everything happens with a reason. Some Bollywood actors studied engineering but somehow their destiny bought them in this industry. There is a reason why everything is revolving in a particular pattern. Life is a vicious circle, everyone gets everything, but at the right time. One cannot achieve a win before time. When the right time comes, one will achieve the things that one dream about.

“I am intelligent and brilliant in studies because I scored 95.5% in 12th grade. But, still, I didn’t clear IIT”, why? Might be, the examiner didn’t check my paper correctly. Whenever a person loses a win, he starts judging other people or over-think. Don’t we usually aphorize that how my neighbor cleared IIT when he only scored 90% in 12th?

A person with the win only gets the thing or opportunity to live his desire. But, a person with failure gets anxiety, stress, depression, jealousy, taunt, sarcasm, and many more negative things. All the negative words in your mind or surroundings work to encourage you to fight again. Try your luck again and again till you get the win that you left once.

“Stand up, stretch your body, eat something, and gather your thoughts, passion, and strength to conquer against the failure.”

It might be hard for you to accept the failure when you have tried a lot of things to win. But, sometimes, we give 100% but that our 100% is not up-to-the-mark. Always run for your win, instead of defeating others. When you set your mind that you are running in a race to defeat other contestants, then your mind always thinks how much your companions have covered the distance.

Train your mind to focus on the things that are much important for winning, instead of proving others how talented you are. There is a rule of the world – people always admire your trophy, but they never appreciate your struggle to win.

For instance – when a cricketer loses a wicket everyone cheers, appreciate him, and admire him. In short, they do everything to make that person happy for his win. But, when the same person loses the game, those who were appreciating him earlier, start abusing, trolling, and taunting him. So, do not think what others will think when you fail because they never support you when you have struggled for the win. They are not aware of your hard work. They do not have any idea how diligently you have been working for the win.

It is alright to be a failure. You do not need to put your head down just because you had failed in something. At least you have tried, worked hard, sacrificed a lot of things, struggled, and attempted. No one ever understands how much you have put in it, neither your family nor others. Your win or failure is all related to you because you are the one who dreams it.

POEM – Fall to rise again!

Failure gives you the strength to try again,

Failure hurts you, but it empowers your mind,

Failure gives you the chance to know who loves you,

Failure shows who are true to you,

Failure teaches you to see the real faces of all,

Through failure, you might feel stress, depress, anxiety, anger

But, your mind will think about what you want for it

So, do not give up, never lose hope, try, offer your 100%, and show yourself –

How desperately you want to win.

Be like a sun that falls ever day to rise again. 


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