In COVID19 eating healthy is not enough!

In COVID19 eating healthy is not enough!

Yes, if you are thinking that by eating healthy fruits and vegetables, you are free from coronavirus disease. So, keep an eye on the records of those patients who are suffering from this china disease. 

In this blog, without wasting much of your second, we will tell you about the tips that you can apply. 

First, we like to tell each of you that Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji and his whole Science Divine team is following the instruction of WHO. We all stay in our house and work from home. We pledge to not spread china disease coronavirus and will help our government to stop it. 

Let’s come to the topic. 

You may not know when bad news spread in the world due to which we all have to lockdown in our house. So, it is somewhere affecting our mental health. That is crucial for all of us, especially in this situation, we cannot lose our mind. It is good to keep updated about the disease, and COVID 19 tracker, news, etc. But, if all the time, you spend on news channels, then it will harm the tissues of your brain. 

It is not a golden time that you should celebrate. But, it is also not a bad time that you cannot spend with your family. Try to involve more with your kids, talk to your parents, share your feelings with your partner, and give some time to yourself. 

Underneath are the few of the things that you should do in quarantine. 

  1. Meditation – yes, it is the time that you can invest your mind. And, delete all the negative thoughts, detrimental memories, accidents, pain, and guilts. Close your eyes and chant Om that will help you in soothing your mind, and soul. The sound of OM is very precious and strong, it has the power to terminate all your health issues, mental, and behavioral problems.
  2. Detox your body – yes, this time, you are not eating any fast-food, street food, and processed meat. So, try to eat those foods that are rich in fiber, antioxidants, inflammatory properties, and water. It not only cools your mind, but also cleanse your blood, detox organs, and provide you with glowing skin.
  3. Work on new projects – yes, try to adopt a new habit or a skill. That will help you in your career, business, job, and personality. At this time, you can read books, blogs, articles, watch Science Divine videos on YouTube, learn cooking, beauty hacks, social media marketing, etc. That sort of chance comes once in a moon. 
  4. Talk to your parents – yes, it is the time that you can spend with your parents. They are old, that is why they need you more. If you ever hurt them, then apologize. If you want to share something with them, then don’t miss this chance. You are very precious to them, show how much you love them and how much you need them in your life. Do not miss the boat.
  5. Do yoga – yes, at least for one hour, practice all yoga stances of Shilpa Shetty or Swami Ramdev Ji. By doing yoga, you will get rid of problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, anxiety, skin inflammations, acne, back pain, constipation, etc. We know yoga is not a piece of cake, but practice makes a man perfect.

So, it is enough. These are the 5 tips that you should try to follow during the quarantine. Because by eating healthy, you can boost your immune system, but not your mental power. To beat coronavirus disease, it is crucial to be fit physically and psychologically. 

Nowadays, you have noticed that earth is cleaning itself but lockdown the humans in their place. That means we are the ones who are responsible for this obnoxious situation. 

The birds are flying high, the animals are enjoying the sky, and we humans are suffering because we harm the environment. 

For now, stay in your home, save lives, and help to stop COVID 19.


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