How to use Sanjeevani Kriya to break anxiety?

How to use Sanjeevani Kriya to break anxiety?

What is anxiety? How do you know that you have depression? Or what you do when you are in stress?

“I am suffering from anxiety, and I do not feel ashamed to accept this.”

Some people suffer from depression or stress, but they do not accept it.

Anxiety does not make you a sinner or a criminal. It is a branch of emotions that lives in you and occurs when you’re in your low zone. Umpteen people feel ashamed to accept that they have depression because they know that society will judge them. Still, in the 21st century, with the knowledge of computers, digital media, and other modern technology, we have not come out from our old misinterpretations.

People take anxiety as a disease, which means you are mentally sick. Anxiety, tension, anger, stress, or other depressing emotions are not correlated with mental illnesses. They all happen when something is not going well in your life. A person comes in the range of anxiety when he is alone, no one is near him to console him, his family or friends does not understand him, or he failed. Yes, during the phase of anxiety, a person does not understand what he should do, where he should go, with whom he should talk, what medicines he should take for fear or etcetera.

To get rid of depression, you do not need to go for any medical care. You only need to opt for the things or activities that eliminate stress from your mind. Those activities can detox your mind and increase the level of blood flow, so your mind can get a sufficient amount of oxygen. Yes, anxiety also occurs when your brain does not get the right amount of oxygen. These days’ due to our hectic and harsh lifestyle, we don’t get time for ourselves. We feel we are doing the things that we like the most, or that charge us. But your physical exercise and Netflix movies/series are only the sources of the natural and entertainment areas.

What are you doing for your mind and soul?


Sanjeevani Kriya is a technique through which you not only get the sound body, sound mind, and self-realizations but also a chance to rejuvenate yourself. Sadhguru Sakhi Shree Ji in Science Divine offers 30 minutes section of Sanjeevani Kriya. Tons of people are connected with Science Divine to practice Sanjeevani Kriya and get positive results. With the help of Sanjeevani Kriya, you will get the immense potential to conquer anxiety, stress, depression, or tension.


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