How to Stay focused in Life?

Your ability to stay focused on your priorities is one of the most important factors that can change the course of your life. But, focusing on your goals isn’t an easy task, especially today when we are overwhelmed with distractions, mostly in the forum of notifications from social media these days, demands from your work and family, and the multitasking that has been forced upon you. The strata of society that has been seeking the answer to this ‘yaksha prashna’ most vigorously is the  young working class people, the millennials who want to achieve more in their lives.

And if you are reading this, we are sure that you are looking for the answer to this question as well!  Gurudev Sakshi Shri says that your mind has got tremendous powers that can create miracles in your life but these powers are activated only by your focus. the greater the focus, the greater the achievements in life.  

Watch this video till the end as Guru Ji explains ways and methods, which can help you enhance your focus in life. He says that the rule #1 to get focus in life is to prioritize in life and avoid riding two horses at a time.  The other most important factor is to train your mind to see through the clutter.  And then, he goes on to give you the most important mantra that can enhance your focus and that mantra is meditation. 


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