How to know which decision will prove to be correct?

How to know which decision will prove to be correct?

Several times in our life, we stuck between two things, which both look exceptional for us. Why can we not buy both the candies, why do we need to choose one, why there are so many whys’ in our lives, or why we cannot live the way we want to? On the off chance, you are struggling to know what you should do to know which choice is most suitable for you. You are in the right place, so here you will find out some ways through which you can solve lots of problems in your life. When our mind and body, mutually, cannot decide for our betterment, then it is time we need to open our third eye. Yes, we all have the third eye located in the mid of our eyes. The third eye is like a Stepney that we can fit or use when we need it. We all know that Lord Shiva has the third eye, which is a symbol of spiritual power, and eye of the wisdom. There is an age-old proverb that on opening the third eye, the universe will get destructed, and somewhere it might be right.  The third eye contains more energy and power in the comparison of the other two eyes. Our two eyes are like cameras that record everything we seem to give a signal to our mind and body. When we fill upset, stressed, anxiety, anger, or like that, my life has no purpose, then meditate. Meditation does not mean that we leave all work and sit in one place to meditate throughout the day. Meditation is a practice that is linked to the things we liked to do to relax and open our minds. If someone fined relaxation in dance, music, movies, and anything, then it is a meditation for him. Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji is the founder of Science Divine through which he promulgates the art of meditation for sound body, mind, and soul. He recommends everyone to go with the flow, accept what comes to us, spread love and care, connect with the power of the universe, and live in the present. There are only two methods that we can use to know what is best for us that are:1. To open our third eye to get more energy and wisdom in our life, we need to meditate. The sound of ॐ will turn to bless for us if we practice it daily in the morning for at least 15 to 30 minutes. ॐ is the sound that active our mind in a way that we feel connected to our third eye, and then we will find what is best for us.  2. Accept everything that comes to us with open hands and smiles on our faces. The power of the universe knows what is suitable for our betterment and what we deserve. If we are confused between two things, then analyze both of them to measure which one is better for us.  Everyone should keep one thing in their mind that we are the only doer, and the decision-maker is that power who created us.


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