How to know my Dosha type?

How to know my Dosha type?

A human body is not only made up of the things that we read in science. But, there are so many universal things that are important for a healthy body.  

This blog is all about the three Dosha, their elements, and how to know my Dosha type.  

Topic 1 – The three Doshas 

• Vatta

• Pitta

• Kapha  

These are the three Dosha that has the responsibility to keep our body, mind, and soul healthy. In Ayurveda, everyone is unique, so one cannot judge and treat them all with the same medicines and methods.  

For example, – If someone has diabetes due to which his kidney is damaged. What should one do to keep his diabetes in control? 

1. He should follow a sugar-free diet. 

2. He only should take medicines. 

3. He should practice yoga. 

4. He should go for a kidney transplant. 

5. He can take Ayurvedic treatment.  

First, there is no such type of sugar-free diet. The things we consume with a sugar-free tag on them are made up of artificial chemicals that only cause health ailments. Second, there are no such medicines to cure health problems. Artificial made medicines only work to suppress the symptoms of the problem.  

An unhealthy and healthy person should keep his Dosha in balance that automatically terminates every disease from his body.  

In the Science Divine, Sadhgurur Sakshi Shree Ji is diligently working to spread the art of living an active life that keeps your body, mind, and soul healthy. He believes that through yogic science, one can achieve his goals, sustain the health of his body, and live a happy life.  

Topic 2 – The elements of the three Dosha  

The five elements – Maha Bhutas  

Ayurveda is 5000 years old science that contains Yoga, Meditation, and The Art of Living in the Present. It is a science of life that describes the true nature of the human body. According to Ayurveda, the human body is the combination of the five essential elements in different proportions that are: 

• Earth – Sold, dense, heavy, and foundational that represents the bones, nails, teeth, and the physical strengthening of the human body.  

• Water – Liquid, flowing, and dissolving is connected with the blood, water, the energy, and consisting of breath in a human body.  

• Fire – Transformation, energy, heat, metabolism, and creation is present in the body are linked with fire. Furthermore, a human digestive system, regulation of body temperature, mental-emotional sheath, thoughts, obsessions, and emotions are connected with light.  

• Air – Oxygen, breath, lightness, motion, and nerve impulses are linked with air.  

• Ether – All-pervasiveness, omniscience, expansiveness, emptiness, cells, the bliss sheath, universal intelligence, and innermost nature is all linked with it.  

These five elements are universal close, and without them, neither our life nor our body can stay in good condition. So, we must not do take actions that might cause detrimental effects on the environment.  

How to know my Dosha type? 

• Vatta – It is associated with movement, breathing, blinking, and heart pulsation. If you are a Vatta person, then you are light, taller, and thinner. You are the type of person who is a balance, creative, flexible, and fearless. But, due to the imbalance of Vatta, you become unstable, anxious, fearful, and observe psychological problems.  

• Pitta – It is linked with metabolism, digestion, assimilations, and body temperature. Pitta people have a medium, and muscle builds the body. When Pitta is balanced, these types of people stay warm, great leaders, make the right decisions, and live life fully. But, the imbalance of Pitta turns them angry, hostile and causes heart disease, high blood pressure, and inflammatory problems.  

• Kapha – It connected with the physical structure and holds cells. Kapha people have more massive and large bones. Balance Kapha means stability, calmness, loving, and forgiving nature. But, imbalance Kapha causes congestion, obesity, and mental disorders.  

These Dosha are vital to keeping your body, mind, and soul healthy. Meditation and yoga is the way through which you can know about your type of Dosha. 

Some minor changes in your life can open the doors of healthy and happy living. 


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