How to defeat the giants of negativity?

How to defeat the giants of negativity?

We tend to perceive negative energy as emotion and try to control our mind not to be negative in certain situations. But if I say there is no existence of negativity in our universe, will you trust me? Apparently, not. This is because we have grown up with a belief system that one who cannot think well in a worse scenario is someone who appears to be pessimistic.  It is a myth that generations have been blindly following into and will continue until and unless they choose to dig some other way around. This is the reason people feel being trapped in negative emotions because they are reluctant to understand that negativity is nothing but the absence of positive. Just like there is no existence of dark, it is a nonappearance of light, there is no room for negativity.  The original nature of human being is to be blissful, to be positive, to be happy and not to approach negative in adverse situations. The more you will entertain your negativity, the more it is going to snare you.

Escapism is not the key to changing life rather the only way to deal with a negative side of you is to think more of the opposition to it and you are almost there. Since negative emotion has no existence in the Universe, you cannot propel it by way of some technique. Instead, to curb your sorrowful gestures, the only way is to fill your mind with bliss. Opt the only mantra in your life that is to swap the negative thoughts with the joyful ones whenever your mind breaches you with gloomy situations. If your mental attitude is predominantly negative, it can avert joyful events into sorrow.

Most people take their blessings for granted and grumbles only of what they do not have. Gratitude unlocks the key to contentment, thereby turning what we have into enough and more. Practice gratitude in your life by waking up every morning counting 10 things your Universe has blessed you with, and you are grateful for. Those things may include your healthy body, home, relationships, wealth, success or everything that matters to you. This may sound absurd in the first place, but this works well in the core areas of life. You will notice your vibrational frequency changing when you fill your mind and soul with positive notions.

When practicing such form of spirituality your mind may act childish, not allowing you to work positively but as you advance, you will observe your thinking pattern taking new directions. When you give yourself a minute of consciousness after every hour, the mind will retain more about what you want to teach it. Just pay attention to your thoughts, and of chance, anything not of the right quality touches your mind, immediately train your mind to think differently.

The nature of our thoughts determines the quality of life we live, whether it is sad, joy, or contentment. The choice to live happily begins with you, and you have the right to choose them.

Running away from danger is not a solution, but finding out a permanent solution to every symptom is the way you will get the pleasant sleep you deserve.


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