How did I change my bad habits?

How did I change my bad habits?

Bad habits are like pencils; for that, you need to find out the right eraser to erase them permanently.

What is the difference between bad and good? What is a bad or good habit? Do bad habits are only related to our health? 

These were some of the doubts from which I was suffering during the rehabilitation period. One year before, I had two bad habits due to which I missed a lot of happy moments of my life.

My two bad habits are –

  1. Overeating for which I had to fight with my parents thousands of times. At that time, I was ready to do anything just to eat one large double-cheese pizza.
  2. The other habit was over indulgence in social media. It was the reason for which I took six years to complete my graduation. That was a time when I thought my life is zero without social media or what we call social networking sites.

The motive behind this post is to make you aware of what bad habits are and what you can do to change your habits in only 21 days. In this post, I share my journey of quitting my bad habits and, the methods that I used in this journey. 

It is about one year ago when my weight was approximately 80kg and according to me that I was the happiest person.   
I am not mentioning any of my details in this post; this is because, I want you all to imagine me so that you can feel connected to my experiences. 

We all might be aware of this fast paced and growing world where no one has time to understand what we are doing. In 2018, I got to know about Science Divine, where Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji talked about Sanjeevani Kriya, the science of divine living, the difference between believing and knowing, and meditation. I visited Science Divine while accompanying my father as he didn’t want to go alone. Whenever, I travel, I always carry my mobile, laptop, lots of chips, chocolates, and many other foodstuffs with me to entertain myself. 

But, when I listened to Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, then I got to know the reason my father took me there with him. 

Till the time I started implementing any of the methods that helped me to change my bad habits in 21 days, I was an adult who never understood or bothered about others’ feelings. 

I learned that we all create a wall around us, which are colored with our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, or values. We are so busy and involved in our own self created world that we neglect the people who live with us and for us as parents. 

Due to my habit of overeating, I started suffering from inflammations and various other diseases. I had thyroid problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, and weak digestion. I was so lazy that I took a bath once a week, which started causing skin inflammation. On the other hand, due to addiction for being always on social media, I started losing my ability to understand feelings. 

Social media is an easy method to approach people, stay connected with relatives or friends, share your words, ideas, and show your qualities. But, over-usage of everything has noxious effects that I felt when I become a not-so-likeable person for my loved ones. And, my parents started feeling that I do not love them now.

The method that I implemented to eradicate my bad habits were:

Control your mind through meditation – Yes; I know you all understand the benefits of doing meditation. But how many of us actually take advantage of it. We all get a nugget of information every day from everywhere, but it is up to us how we interpret and receive them. It was not easy for me to spend time on an activity that I didn’t like much; however, I am getting good results from it. 

Sadhguru Sakshri Shree cautioned me that not to practice everything with the expectation of good results. Just start it like a new thing to examine and experience, and then you will start enjoying it. 

Meditation not only helped me to control my mind and not to overeat, more than what my body needed but also improved my physical health. When I close my eyes for approximately thirty minutes to see what I am doing, where I am going, what is vital for my family and myself, how can I improve myself, what should I do for my career, and many more other things? That time, I made notes in my mind about the things that make me happy. 

Through meditation, I started eliminating the inconsequential ideas and things from my mind that pushed me to be more active on social media. Now, I use social media but within limit. When I am at home with my family, I rarely touch my phone because, at that time, I am sitting with the people who love me the most.

Call to Action – 

If you have any bad habits that you feel is affecting your mental and physical health, then start walking the path of meditation. And, with the guidance and light shown by Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, one will surely walk the right path with awareness and wisdom. 


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