How can you live life and not survive it?

How can you live life and not survive it?

In today’s world, everyone has forgotten the fact that there is a big difference between surviving life and living it. We only survive when we believe that the life we have been blessed with us is not ours and feel that it does not belong to us. A life that is not satisfied with is not a worth living and cannot make you happy anyways.

Whenever you feel stuck in the middle of your journey just ask yourself, why anyways I have to be right and judge the path I am on? Just let the things flow and unwrap as they are destined to be.

The best way to survive thriving is to cherish the moment life is bringing to you. The fact that we need to make each thing work, prepare for our future and live a well-settled life is the main reason why we get entangled with anxiety because we tend to live for the future and not what is in the hands at the very moment.

There are various ways through which you can narrow down your stress level and sometimes actually work for it without learning that you do it. No? Here is how: Some people go on a spiritual retreat can bring calm a chaotic mind. This is a part of the stress buster for a few. But had that been the case, everyone who would not have faced depression once in their life? Depression is common we affirm and the only way to get over this is to connect with the one supreme power (we believe), but by chanting some mantras or visiting the temple on one particular day will never work for you if you don’t do the inner work of healing.

Self-realization is tough for many but holds equal importance in our life. The one who has realized his true self and the supreme power and that we are one with this universe will never feel obnoxious about this or the other moment in short about the present and the future. It takes great zeal and diligent efforts to reach such level as the oneness with the universe is about how desperately you want to meet your real self.

The main reasons why we are not ready for the change:

  • Because we are unassured of what we really want        
  • We believe that people will not accept us if we change
  • We know what we want but we are afraid to change at times
  • We don’t feel contented with our lives, but deep down we are so bound with the ethics and morals and family values that we sign up for a miserable life.

But if you get over your fear, you will notice that your insecurities or turmoil are taking you miles away from your real self.

The only way to discover who you are is to dig deep inside and sit with your emotions. Let the thoughts sail in and allow them to plunge so deep that there is no layer between the body and the soul. This is what we called oneness in spirituality. The meditation technique can even calm a troubled mind of someone who is otherwise healthy. Those more fervor about their journey to self-realization can even go beyond this birth into his past life. Meditation will help you to realize that outside of you are the chaos and inside of you are so powerful and peaceful energy. When you come across with this version of you, you will never repeat hard words such as egoistic, full of vanity and short-tempered for yourself. This moment may come so easily for a few while some people need to put in extra efforts to reach this level of oneness.

To begin your journey of self-realization, first you need to believe that God lies within everyone around you and the temple to reaching him is your own body. Yes, there is no harm in visiting such holy places though; still, it can never give you peace until you remain peaceful inside. If you are chanting some mantras sitting in front of your deity but wondering somewhere else in your thought, then it is a waste of time and efforts. You can never and ever meet God this way.  Sit comfortably and if for even 10 minutes you can monitor or scrutinize your body and withdraw the subconscious attention from the worldly pleasures, you are almost there.

So, it means to obtain self-satisfaction one should practice meditation for at least half an hour on a daily basis. Sit with yourself, your emotions, and your thinking and then figure out what defines you!


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