Have you ever thought about who are you?

Have you ever thought about who are you?

You are a doer, not a planner.

Umpteen people believe the fact that they have seen God or Atma with the help of meditation or chanting. But, it is their misinterpretation or a myth because you cannot see something which is not a separate identity. Atma is a Sanskrit word that means soul. How you can see you, your soul? Thousands of people are studying or meditating to find out who they are? You have heard this that you’re Atma (soul) is God, God lives inside you, and then why you are searching for him.

You are not keen to meet or see God, you are diligently working to know what the power is or magic behind this world, and you. Who is the creator of this universe and your? In the 21st century, one side, where we are living in digitalization, the other side we are very curious to study or know the power behind everything.

You are a doer, not a planner. Yes, whatever, you are doing for a living is planned or implemented by someone else, Atma or God. Do you ever realize the underlying facts?

1.   That is why you are not able to go beyond the soul search?

2.   Who has seen Atma, the inside or outside of you?

3.   Who is Atma, God or you?

4.   Who are you?

I am a performer, who is completing the tasks assigned by God. Yes, you are the creation of the. God, who created everything, even you. Do you ever observe how your body works? Why you do not know your future? You might observe that sometimes you did a reaction opposite to your nature. For instance – you believe that you are a kind-heart, simple, and silent sort of person who works in a printing company and living his life happily.  You never fight with anyone because you believe in peace and patience. But, one day out of nowhere you shouted on your 21 years old daughter because she was arguing with you on something. Why did you shout on her? You could have calmly talked to her. This is just a small instance, in everyday life; our actions have to do more about him than about us. In short, you are nothing, you are just a doer, who with his sheer determination and devotion just working whatever your planner, your destiny wants from you.

There are two ways to know who you are, and what Atma is.

1.   Seclude one hour from your 23 hours for meditation by which you can get some time away from the noises, rushes, emotions, duties, dreams, accomplishes, etc. You should seclude all the things that connect you from the outside world, so you can feel or see your planner or Atma.

2.   Start living a witnessing life. Yes, it is difficult to live life in this sense, but when you start feeling God or Atma, and then it becomes very easy to live such a life. Witnessing life means that do not question, why you have the disease, why you do not have money, why you are not living a wealthy lifestyle, etc. Whatever you have, you are doing, you want, you feel, and you accept are all because your planner wants it from you. Your planner designed your life; and apart from him, no one knows what will turn healthier or better for you. In short, believe in your destiny, your life chart that you cannot change by hook or by crook.

You might be thinking that if the creator is doing everything then who am I?

Try to separate your body, thoughts, and emotions from yourself, then you will realize that you are nothing but void.

Neither you are this body and this soul; you will realize you are left with nothing but “Sunya”.

Whatever the name we give it will remain unreal or sunyavada, according to the Buddhist theory.

You are living a life given by your planner to accomplish or create a world full of peace, patience, love, and devotion. But, these days’ we all are stuck in our world, duties, and peace of mind due to which we forget our true work. We are humans, who are bound to live according to the perspectives of Atma or God. Meditation and living a witnessing life are the two methods through which you can meet the true Atma effectively.

If you want to experience who you are, then you have to dig dip inside.


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