Greed is Good Indeed!

Greed is Good Indeed!

Greed is good Indeed

We are often told, greed is a bad thing; it’s a curse. Elders, knowledgeable people around us often warn us and say beware of greed. I am not in agreement with this idea. I will rather say, greed is good. Yes, I am aware that this word has almost become a term of abuse. But deep down we all are greedy. Being greedy means you are not satisfied. You want more than whatever you have right now. But what is so wrong with it? It’s a very legitimate thing. Today if you are earning thirty thousand monthly and you long to earn one lakh per month, then what’s wrong with this. This is your right.   

This adage that greed is bad, is so drilled in our mind with such negative connotations and stories that we have become scared of our greed and wants. But greed has a positive side too. Think, how your life will be without greed and want? Life will stop. You will remain wherever you are. Greed is the wheel that keeps you going. Greed is the motivating factor that makes you work hard and grow. Do you want to dry this well of motivation?

Greed can be used positively to achieve your goals. It helps in making your life better. Your Greed and wanting is the deciding factor in setting up goals in life. And without a goal, you can’t get anywhere. If your greed does not harm anyone, then it is good, it is a motivating factor. 

I know the obvious question in your mind. You may be thinking about how an enlightened spiritual teacher like Sadhguru can say such things. But you assumed that greed is natural for a normal person, but forbidden for a spiritual man? Spirituality journeys are for self-realization. It’s not for establishing any moral code or values. This is not the purpose of spirituality.

When I took this spiritual journey I was aware of the pain but also of the rewards. So it was my greed or want that motivated me. You too can start this journey tomorrow. you don’t have to quit anything. This very personal journey is a quest to know oneself. This is not a list or set of moral codes ​​that command you to do this or don’t do that if you are spiritual. Because you are spiritual, you don’t necessarily have to live in a hut. You can live in a palace too. You will be the same in both cases. That’s the benefit. This is sanyas from within and the worldly from outside. One can continue the spiritual journey while engrossed in worldly work. 

I have always been in favor of sanyas from within and being worldly from outside. But I too was greedy. If there was no greed, no want, would I have set out on such a difficult journey? If I have reached this far, it means only one thing; I was extremely greedy. Nothing less than total self-realization was acceptable to me. My greed was infinite. Naturally, I went out for the ultimate truth. So cultivate a sense of acceptance of your greed. Don’t be a miser in your greed. If you want tons of money, have tons of greed. If you want knowledge, be greedy for knowledge, and if you are trying to embark on the inner journey, be greedy for ultimate bliss. Greed is a good thing. Spirituality is not opposed to this. 




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