Feelings are made to express or erase!

Feelings are made to express or erase!

Push out your emotions before they convert into a condition like depression. Yes, anxiety, depression, tension, and isolation are the by-product of your feelings that you do not express. By holding your emotions inside your head or heart, you are harming your body physically and psychologically. The 21st century is the era where you feel comfortable to share your feelings on different social platforms, especially on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But, due to digitalization somewhere, you might forget to show off your feelings in front of your siblings, parents, family, or anyone else.

That is the reason why psychological problems are increasing day-by-day. Have you ever felt isolated? Why do I like being alone, why no one appreciates my work, why I am like this, and other questions that indicate you are struggling to express your emotions?  

Press shift+alt+delete emotions from your mind (computer) before they start causing ailments.

The picture below shows that you are not alone in the world who is struggling to express his emotions in front of others. Lacs of people are also facing problems, or you can say they have trust issues due to which they cannot share their feelings with their loved ones. Millions of people everyday is searching on Google for a solution to their problem of not expressing their feelings.

If you have read science divine blogs, then we always suggest you to do yoga, and meditate to calm your mind, body, and soul. 
But, in this blog, Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji suggests you to add the following of the three rules in your life that help you in the task of expressing your emotions.

1. You are the only one who is real or genuine to you – So never try to hide your feelings from yourself. Accept everything that you feel. For instance, some people never accept that they are jealous of someone because they think it is a bad thing, which should be hiding. Never hide your anger or any other negative emotion because it somewhere stored in your subconscious mind and influencing you. If you are jealous of someone, then try to talk to him, appreciate his work, give him compliments, and tell him that you feel insecure. By doing it, you might not get appreciation, but somewhere inside your mind, you feel better and calm. 
2. Convert your feelings into words – If you are a person who does not feel comfortable in speaking, or not a social person. You like to write, or you are good at posting images, GIF quotes, and stories on social platforms so you can express your feeling through words. Yes, the first time you might feel hesitation or thoughts come into your mind that what others will think about you, how they are going to react on your posts, or blah, blah. But, always remember, you are doing everything for yourself. With an unhealthy and unhappy mind, you cannot do anything for your loved ones. 
3. Accept yourself – You cannot do anything to change your nose, eyes, or any part of your body. So accept yourself in the way you are. Your beauty is the reflection of your mind; your features matter, but they are useless without a healthy mind and soul. Love yourself the way you are, but do not stop learning and upgrading yourself. When you love yourself, appreciate your work, pamper your body, detox your mind, and keep improving your abilities, then you never feel isolated. 

In this world, there are millions of people, but you are still alone. You are on the earth to complete a journey that is already designed by the universe. There is no option to neglect anything that comes to your way, whether it is a feeling or a person. You might get two options in every path of your life; it is up to you which one you prefer.

Smile, anger, stress, jealousy, tension, tears, and every emotion have their value; you cannot waste or hide them. Feelings are made to express they are the response of your body and mind, so try not to suppress them.


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