Program Schedule:

11 a.m. to 12 noon (I.S.T.)
(December 20, 2020) 

This is going to be a weekly video series, broadcasting every Sunday on our YouTube Channel absolutely free of cost. However, we request you to register here to participate so that we can send you timely notifications about this program. 

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When you register to participate, you will get access to this masterclass course on ‘The Science of Joyful Living’ by Sakshi Shree worth INR 7500/- (USD 100 approx.) absolutely free. 

The Science of Joyful Living is a 5-week special course designed by Sakshi Shree to help you discover the source of true happiness in your life. In this course, Sakshi Shree imparts timeless wisdom along with guided meditation sessions to help you connect with the wellspring of joy within you. 

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