Blinds are leading the blinds

The difference between a Sadguru and a fake Guru

Spirituality is increasingly dominated by a new breed of babas, cult, and sect leaders. They have usurped every space and increasingly pushed the real spiritual leaders to the background. These fake gurus and cult leaders with bizarre practices and promises are luring gullible and desperate people in their fold. They claim to have powers to perform miracles and are omnipresent now. They have become the face of everyday spirituality. They may appear like a regular monk but they are crazy about money, power, and numbers.

They are in fact destroying the souls of individuals and killing the essence of spirituality.

So how to spot and find an enlightened master in this crowd of Chamatkari Babas or fake Gurus.

The first difference is here. A Sadguru or enlightened master has nothing to do with numbers. In fact, a Sadguru is very choosy about whom to accept as a disciple. The first thing a Sadguru will do is examine your soul and see how spirituality evolve you are. He will not promise you sun and moon but guide you according to the requirements of your soul. He will let you evolve.

But a fake guru will accept everyone. He will evade your questions and will directly rush you towards some introductory courses or bizarre practices.

A Sadguru will say he is a divine Messenger but a fake Guru or Baba will claim he himself is divine. Baba claims to be the only person in communion with the so-called god.

A Spiritual master will guide you and let you be who you are. A fake Baba is only interested in controls.

Since time immemorial, we have been the country of the sages or Gurus but never the country of the messengers of the Gurus. So who is the real Guru?

Swami Vivekananda says The fate of a nation depends on the condition of its people. Can you improve the condition of the people? Can you help them without losing their spiritual nature? Can you get his personality back?

A sage or enlightened master empowers and elevates the consciousness of the masses. A true Guru will never make false promises, he will never lead you towards darkness. Rather he will help you to become emotionally, physically, and spiritually strong and self-reliant. But today’s Babas and fake Gurus are crippling and subduing the public emotionally.

I will finish with Kabir who optly sums this phenomena with timeless words :

फूटी आंखि विवेक की, लखै न संत असंत।

जाके संग दस बीस हैं, ताका नाम महंत।।

This means When there is no discerning vision, one cannot differentiate between a sage and a hypocrite. One who takes ten or twenty disciples with him starts being called a Mahant.

And what happened to those Babas and disciples? Kabir again say :

 जाका गुरु भी अंधला, चेरा खरा निरंध

अंधै अंधा ठेलिया, दून्यूं कूप पडंत।।

 Whose guru is also blind i.e. ignorant and disciple is a completely blind devotee. Then the blind push the blind, that is, one ignorant pushes another ignorant, both of them fall into the dark well of ignorance and lust and perish.

It pained me to see this. Blinds are leading the blinds towards the pit.