Are you living your life in fear?

Are you living your life in fear?

Fearful live can harm your decision making capacity and hamper your ability to reach at the top. For the one who is always fearful will rely on others for his happiness. Hence, it is important to realize what your fear is and know how you can overcome it.

Fear runs through our blood and hampers the decision-making capacity of an individual. But the funny thing is that we even don’t get to know that it affects our day to day life. This is absurd as we tend to cover our fear in the form of stress. Sometimes, the fear takes the shape of panic, obsessions, nightmares, phobias, and destroys our ability to take a step on the path of success.

It is also critical that fear is necessary for our survival, for the fear we have of our parents; we need this to be on the right path. But similarly, too much anxiety can incapacitate your performance.

If you are living in fear, you might not even know it sometimes. Thus, it is critical to recognize the symptoms and take preventive measures to manifest something best out of it. 
Here are signs that can help recognize you are living in fear and the ways to combat this not so needed trait:

  • You are a procrastinator

From easy tasks to some harder ones, you tend to delay things most of the time. Might be you are lazy, but deep down you are living in fear. Take charge of your life and develop the courage to live a fear-less life. When you have to do it anyway, why delay and add a flame to your burning fear? Get it done now!

  • You tend to have control on most of the things

People who try to control everything are usually scared. When we cannot control things inside us and live life in fear, we ultimately try to control things outside of us. In the disguise of being fearful, we try to hold people who are around us. Unfortunately, you cannot control people around you every time, and you have to understand this thing very gracefully. Even if you are boss at your place, losing control, if it happens anytime can be crippling.

  • You find it hard to speak what you feel

According to Sadhguru Sakshi Shree, if you are low confident and fearful, you may have difficulty speaking what you truly feel. It is not about speech only; people can even notice shyness in your gestures. Guruji also affirms that anyone should live life valiantly, free from the lies of life, with an ability to speak from the truths from one’s own belief system.

  • You want to be a perfectionist

If you strive to be perfect, it is also a telltale sign that you are living in fear. It is sometimes scary for the people who are afraid of rejection to be not good enough. They live their life in fantasies of the truths and lies of life.

If such thoughts have stacked your mind, then you need to change your belief system. No one can ever be perfect; if you are trying to be, then it is no less than living a fake life. No fall comes with planning, says Guruji.

  • You say yes when you want to say no

Do you blindly believe others’ points of view even when you don’t want to? Some people are more people-pleaser and cannot accept other resentments. Say what you believe and not what others want you to be. When you show a way to fear, you will start living a life with your soul taking the lead. Faith will flow through your mind, and you will not yearn for others’ acceptance.

Ways to overcome fear

There are various ways you can practice to live life without the fear of being in fear. When you develop the right relationship with your fear, it will leave your mind and endow. You can take the guidance of Science Divine to learn a new way to live life, full of love, peace, and confidence. You can also do some other things such as:

  • Meditating
  • Changing your root belief system
  • Appreciating the gift of life
  • Know who are your people
  • Trust that your Universe is always in your support


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