Are there any Mantras for extraordinary success?

Are there any Mantras for extraordinary success?

Yes, Sadguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji has three mantras through which you can achieve your extraordinary success. Sadguru Ji offers three main points low of attraction, joy, and the art of living in the present.

These are the three main mantras that help you during your journey to achieve success. Sometime, you work so hard but still remain empty handed. Only because your direction of hard work is not right, you were working in the wrong direction. You are giving your 100 percent but somewhere your mind knows that your destination is not accurate.

Various times, you might feel that your direction is right but there is a problem with the sources you will need in your journey. For instance, if you are traveling from Delhi to Gurgaon for that you cannot take a plane or train; you need to think of the suitable source to reach there.

Before taking any step towards your success, you must know the underlying three things. 

  1. What is your direction, 
  2. What is your equipment, and
  3. How to use your weapons? 

Once you are aware of these three things only then you can have a clear picture of your goal in your mind. At that time, your mind gets a clear hint about your steps. 

Your mind is a computer that will work what you want it to do. When you command a key in your computer that means you tell it what you want from it. This is like, when you command your likings or thoughts to your mind, it starts working in that direction. You do not need to stop your other doings to see how much time your mind takes to work on that command. 

Underneath are the three Mantras for extraordinary success in life by the founder of Science Divine, Sadguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji.

  • Low of attraction – Nowadays everyone is aware of this term, but do not have strategies to use it. Low of attraction means what you give will get. If you pass a smile to someone, you will get it in the result. But, if you are rude to someone then you cannot complain that everyone hates you.   

Fill positivity in your body and mind so that positive things attracts towards you. To prove, grow a plant near your house, talk to it, share good things with it, and take care of it properly, every day say hello to him, and never share any bad news with him. You will see how healthy and fast it grows. I applied the same strategy when I was struggling with anxiety or stress. It is the best way to open up your mind and let the fresh air flow in. The low attraction is the first step through which you attract positive people and things to you.

  • Joy – It means always smile not like the fake big one. Just smile simply so that every person meets you with a smiling face. Joy is the thing that how much you spread will get back soon. Also, being joyful does not mean bubbly or naughty; it is about spreading the art of positivity around yourself that no negative things will catch your aura. 

Yes, your laptop can wait for you, but the little one will not stay little always. Spend as much time as you can with your family, friends, and kids because this will be the most precious time for you. Let your mind do everything, you command it what you want and it will do things on its own. But, you also have to do some hard work for that, okay?

  • The art of living in the present – In the present, I am sitting with one of my friends but I am thinking about what my wife must be doing at home or what I should wear at the evening party. We all face this kind of conditions every day without thinking that we are wasting the current moment to make a drawing of the future. Art of living in the present is about to give your 100 percent attention to the moment you are living right now. The person with whom you are talking at the moment is the precious one because, at that time, you must make a positive connection with him. Live your moment, instead of thinking about the moments that still have time to come.

Your game is in your hands, you just need to understand when to make a move to win. You can be successful by accepting the present, planning the future, and deleting the past. Your extraordinary success is moving in the universe that is waiting for your signal. Attract it by positivity, joy, and living in the present.


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