Accept you’re in Depression!

Accept you’re in Depression!

How many of you believe that an unstable mind means depression? 

How many of you observe it? 

How many of you are experiencing depression? 

How many of you think that depression is a mental illness? 

How many of you feel shame to accept your condition? 

There are so many how(s), and no one is going to answer them because people are not aware of depression. Yet, people do not know that depression is not an illness related to the mind. It is a condition, which is not only correlated with failure or loneliness. Along with that, it takes time to show its presence. Several people out there are struggling with it but do not dare to accept it. There are numerous reasons behind the negligence of being in depression, and they are: 

  1. Society will not accept me. 
  2. My family feels shameful. 
  3. People might ignore or abundant me. 
  4. My friends would not talk to me. 
  5. I am not eligible to do any work. 
  6. No one loves me. 
  7. I am not a healthy person. 
  8. It is a disease that cannot be cured. 
  9. I am mentally sick. 
  10. It makes me ugly. 
  11. There is no treatment for me. 

In a nutshell, people never accept anyone who is battling mental trauma. Yes, you cannot count depression as a mental illness or disease. Somewhere, you all are suffering from a type of depression. You are aware of Mrs. Deepika Padukone Singh and her depression story. 

In front of the media during the promotion of her movie, Mrs. Deepika accepted that she was in depression. Recently the second daughter of Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and the younger sister of Miss. Alia Bhatt, Miss. Shaheen launched her book name I’ve never been happier. You may be known that in this book Miss. Shaheen shares her story about being in depression. Yes, you are thinking right, how come she can be depressed, she is the daughter of a rich man, and she has everything? 

But, remember, money cannot buy peace of mind for you. A luxury car might give you comfort. However, it cannot decorate a genuine smile on your face. 

The presence of mind is the path of peace of mind.

When you are not able to enjoy your present, whether it is wrong or right, then you do not know what you are searching for. 

My friend, everyone in this world somewhere, is not happy with something. But, there is no solution to any problem that you cannot find. Depression is a condition that occurs because of you are not happy, you are not accepting what you have, you are not living in the present, or you are pressurizing your mind to more than his capacity. 

The only solution to your problem or you can say your depression is you. 

Remember, you are only one who can eradicate toxins from your mind, and for that, you need to find your way. According to Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji, acceptance and apology are the two keywords that you can use to eradicate the chapter of depression from your life story. 

Accept it if you are in depression or struggling with anything that is stopping you from being happy. Apologize to yourself or the people you hurt intentionally/by mistake, which is jabbing and locking your happiness. 

Feel free to share your problems and to find the solution for it from Sadhguru Sakshi Shree Ji in the science divine. You can connect with him through Instagram, Facebook, Website, and YouTube. If you are battling with a difficulty that is blocking your mind, then on the comment section below, share the stress, and we solve it together.

Your smile is very precious; don’t fade it away from your face. 


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