The Essence of Science Divine

Science Divine spreads the message of love and meditation the world over and creates a new humanity of self-realized souls with sound body and sound mind. Science Divine empowers you to rediscover a new life of everlasting happiness while still rejoicing in material comforts.

We have simplified spirituality so that it can be experienced  and lived by every individual on this earth. We believe that religion is the science of inner development or self realization. We define God as an all pervading infinite energy that expresses itself in the form of peace, happiness and bliss and experiencing the same can be termed as self realization or enlightenment.

Science Divine Workshops

Immortality Meditation Workshop

Sanjeeani Kriya is the science of your inner inner transformation that brings you in complete alignment with your inner core and existence. The workshop is highly beneficial for professionals, businessmen, home makers, spiritual seekers and all those aspiring for success and everlasting inner happiness

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Mind-Power Enhancing Meditation Workshop

Maha Medha (MegaMind) workshops are designed for students to achieve extraordinary memory, intelligence, creativity, concentration & confidence leading them towards outstanding success in exams and career. Maha medha Kriya comprises of scientific techniques through which students can unleash the limitless power of their brain and they can face any examination.

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Manifestation Meditation Workshop

Sakshi Sadhna is an advanced Science Divine programme designed as the most effective workshop for spiritual seekers who would like to dive deep into a profound state of meditation and helps them understand & experience the true essence of spirituality. 

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Inner Healing Meditation Workshop

In this inner cleansing device, the power of visualization and the power of will are used along with alternate nostril breathing techniques to intensify and expedite the process of eliminating grossness and negativity from the entire system of your being.

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The Supreme Inspiration

Param Pujya Swami Sudarshanacharya Ji Maharaj, our beloved Gurudev is the supreme inspiration behind Science Divine. He has been our mentor and our guide in all our endeavors. He has shown us the way to happiness and eternal bliss through the path of unconditional love.


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