The Science Divine Movement is spearheaded by Sadguru Sakshi Shree, an enlightened master and divine messenger. He has simplified spirituality so that the common man can experience and benefit from it. Science Divine spreads the message of love and meditation the world over and creates a new humanity of self-realized souls with sound body and sound mind. Science Divine empowers you to rediscover a new life of everlasting happiness while still rejoicing in material comforts.

Sadguru Sakshi Shree spearheads a strong spiritual movement through 'Science Divine', and has been working relentlessly towards freeing individuals from those ideologies, rituals, petty discriminations and belief systems that have blinded and divided humanity. He defines God as an all-pervading infinite energy that expresses itself in the form of peace and happiness, and experiencing this is 'enlightenment'.

About Us
About Us

While in the west, most people spent their time and energy in pursuing material gains, people in the east renounced the material world for gaining spiritual awakening, which they believed would in turn, help them overcome sorrows and achieve happiness. However, Sakshi Shree emphasizes on maintaining a harmonious balance between material and spiritual worlds. One can enjoy both, without sacrificing one for the other, by practicing Sakshi Shree's life philosophy of “Bhitar Se Sanyas, Bahar Se Sansar” or surrendering from within and yet performing our duties as worldly beings.

Although, by applying the science of 'thought-power', we can achieve anything we want in the material world, we must strive to be in a state of peace and bliss, within. We must strive to overcome duality such as sorrow and joy, profit and loss, victory and defeat. The wheels of a car move in high speed but the axle remains static. Similarly, from outside one must keep moving, but be static like an axle from the inside.

Sadguru Sakshi Shree has been providing revolutionary insights for joyful living and effective remedies to tackle modern-day ailments through various Science Divine programmes. His short, simple and highly effective scientific techniques have been bringing about an inner transformation in individuals all over the world.

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